September 24, 2023

1.) I can picture Otto doing the Buckhead bounce when he scammed his way back to being Hand of the King.

Cause you know, Buckhead equates to scamming. I know it’s the Buckhead. But y’all get it. I aint gotta explain it to y’all. Y’all smart.

2.) Of course the NegroGaryens would hold a Fune repass 😂😂

And Daemon laughing at that “pure blood” line is the equivalent of someone’s petty ass cousin laughing at the “they lived by the word of the Lord” line in the sermon.

3.) Viserys still breathing. That Black Grand Maester got the best Robitussin in the 7 Kingdoms

4.) Alicents kids are basically all 1/3 Joffrey.

You got crazy crazy with dreams and animals in Helaena; crazy killer in Aemond; and crazy stupid in Aegon.

5.) Corlys to Laenor’s lover: “Get yo mans.”

6.) Viserys called Alicent’s by the first wife’s name. He about one more family feud away from calling Dr. Kevorkian.

7.) Everybody all emotional and Aemond crazy killer ass out here just a plottin’.

8.) Look at Corlys and Rhaenys, just Loving v Virginia’n in real life.

9.) Rhaenyra and Laenor actually tried? They should’ve brought in Joffery to hel…ahh, shit. He..he dead.

10.) These Targaryens ain’t nothing but rich West Virginians with dragons. These are basically West Virginians who started the first coal mine.

11.) Gawd damn, these night scenes bout as dark as the Battle of Winterfell. All I see is a moon and blond platinum silver hair kissing each other and running around fetching dragons

12.) The Union of Vhagar and Aemond. This is like OJ linking up with COVID.


13.) This kid on kid gang violence is destroying the community.

14.) Aemond trying to beat the Tyler Perry wigs and witchcraft off these chilren!

Nah, fck that! Beat his ass!

15.) Brought a knife. You know these kids grew up in the Red Keep projects.

16.) Adults training a bunch of killers since birth and wonder why they are suddenly trying to kill each other.

17.) On some real shit, with the exception of Aegon being an asshole and the occasional windowbating, Aegon really just be trying to live and shit. He don’t bother no damn body.

Replace window with mastur.

18.) I don’t understand how Viserys’ undead ass hasn’t beheaded Alicent at this point!

19.) Alicents’s head would be chilling next to me like we in an episode of Dahmer.

20.) Daemon looking at Aemond like, “I see ya lil n*gga.”

21.) “We good. I gained a dragon..” – Lil Killer

Fckers got Vhager. Gawt dammit!

22.) Laenor: “I should’ve been there.” Rhaenyra: “Those should be our house words.” Give that script writer a mf raise.

24.) Rhaenyra Got C Cole, Strong, Daemon and now even Fashion Week King Laenor on deck. She def pushing P.

25.) Poe Laneor. He was ready to be somebody’s step daddy, too.

26.) HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! IN THE BOOK THIS N**A DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

27.) Yooo, shoutout to that scheme! Now albeit, that poe soul whose neck Daemon snapped had to die.

But still. Fck him. We don’t know his name.

28.) Jesus. They went full Wrong Turn with that wedding ceremony.

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House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 7 Summation:


Everybody: gajajwnhwhqvavaghahqjnwnwkkwowomanbavsgagGvbsbwnwjwjwiwkwmnwbqgqttffavhaioormrmrlwpwlmmanbwgyaywy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daemon: Whew.. G. H. E. T. T. O.

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