September 24, 2023

1.) NegroGaryen’s scamming brother Varmond just a scamming for political power ain’t he?

Relax, my g.

2.) Corlys got his shipped wrecked, throat slashed and a fever that burns from within.
Gawd damn, did death just say fck it when it came to Viserys and move on to Corlys?

3.) Them eggs aint Daenerys of the mf House Targaryen’s future eggs are they?!?

I think the dragon, Dreamfyre allegedly hatched Dany’s eggs, BUT did y’all notice Khaleesi’s theme murrsic playing when Daemon uncovered the eggs?

Hmmmmmm *Puts on Negrogaryen Tyler Perry Studios wig to ponder..*

4.) These kids growing up faster than Mexican chilren.

5.) Does the Skrong kids call Daemon unc or dad?

6.) I know they hate going back to Kings Landing. It’s like visiting your in-laws for the holidays. “Here we go with this shit..”

7.) Alicent altered the décor, didn’t she?

8.) Alicent just trying to switch customs on a whim. Master of Coin Beesbury old ass like hold up, wait a gawd damn minute!

More on him in later episodes..

9.) And meanwhile, Black Grand Maester Orwyle looking like my name ain’t Bennett and I ain’t in it.

10.) Grand Maester Orwyle be looking like, “These yt folks sum else.”

11.) Viserys is on his last..everything.

12.) Even the Lego set has gone to shit. Someone give this dude some Milk of the Perc 100’s and be done with it.

13.) I bet it smell like the Florida Everglades in there.

14.) Daemon and Rhae Rhae done sprung up two more grandkids on Viserys. Now they know better.

15.) Daemon looked at that tea like the dude who got away from Dahmer.

16.) Sheeesh..

They treat their rape victims like we treat our rape victims.

17.) I know whoever brewing that mawning after tea be like…”gawd damn, another one?!?”

18.) Daemon and Rhaenyra are acting like the other kids who show up, trying to depose the one kid who has been taking care of the old ass parent for years.

19.) Aemond got Vhager and the knife skills of OJ in the 90’s. He about to kill an abundance of mfs.

20.) Skrong was right. C Cole was working with the other kids a lot more because one eyed Killah over here ready for all the smoke.

21.) Jace and Luke better take some Almond Milk of the Adderall and start training. They got some catching up to do.

22.) Y’all see how Rhaenyra led with the grand chillren to try and soften up Rhannys.

23.) Rhaenys ain’t trying to hear shit Rhaenyra got to say. That’s a momma grieving.

24.) Rhaenys: “Yet you did worse than that with Laenor.”



25.) Poor Rhaenyra. She’s trying. I’ll give her that. And now that she needs Viserys’ assurance more than ever, his whole face gone.

26.) “Supper, Otto.”

Lol, I forgot that yt folks call it supper sometimes. That’s wild.

27.) I’m sorry. I would have to stay as far away from Viserys as I possibly could. I know someone getting ready to turn into a zombie when I see it.

28.) Vaemond on that Henn Dawg! He talking way above his station.

29.) King Viserys of House of Targaryen! Let’s goooooo!!!

30.) This n*gga took 10 minutes of the shows runtime to get to the iron throne.

We had to go to a commercial break.

31.) *Visyers walking*
Commercial: “Herschel Walker choked his wife to sleep..”

32.) Daemon is as protective of Viserys now as Viserys was protective of him.

Just. Dope.

33.) Ok, Rhaenys. Playing the type of chess dumb n***s think Kanye is playing.

34.) Vaemond must be on that Casamigos. He talking sideways!

35.) Welp. Daemon shut that shit all the way down.

S/N: Camera Crew was so gawd damn petty. Right after Daemon cut off NegroGrayen’s head, the camera looked up at Daemon from the POV of Vaemond’s head 😭😭

36.) This is the first and last time in the history of nggadom will I ever condone a yt man beheading a Black man..even if he got that wig from Tyler Perry Studios Wigs & Witchcraft.

37.) Any time some crazy shit happens in front of Viserys..


38.) If there is one thing the Silent Sisters gone do, is have you looking clean for the fune.

39.) Rhaenys said she’s demon tested. Grand Maester Orwyle said, “Respect,” and walked off.

40.) They carried Viserys more than Tyrion carried season 2 of Game of Thrones.

41.) Kang on so many of the Milk of the Perc 30’s it ain’t even funny.

42.) Jace shouldn’t have even taken Aegon Bundy seriously.

43.) *Viserys stands up*

*Starts to give dramatic speech about how the family should stay together while everyone is eating*

*Takes off mask*

Dinner Table: *Puts forks down. Stops eating.*

44.) I gotta be honest. I’ve never seen a n****a more dead than this n****a.

45.) Viserys fighting death and internal family bickering. Please grant this man his wishes so he can die for the 15th time in peace.

46.) Visyers: Please!! Let’s have peace!

Older Generation: “Here, here!”

New Generation: “First off, fck yo b*tch and the clique you claim!”

47.) Jace, Luke and Joffrey Group chat:

“Dawg, ever since Aemond got Vhager, you can’t tell that n****a shit.”

48.) Aemond at this point is on “wish a n****a would” time.

49.) Nobody:

Nary a soul:

Helaena’s prolific dreaming and foresight having ass: “Beware the beast beneath the boards.”

Me, watching: *Insert Leo GIF* “Oooo, what she say?!? Rewind that!”

50.) Oh, and she petty. Yeah, I fcks with her weirdness. She’s good weird.

51.) They dancing like yt folks use to dance before the coke was pure.

52.) *Everyone is laughing and having fun.*

Viserys: Ok, I’m ready.

Death: Bro, I’ve BEEN READY.

53.) They had to serve that pig in front of Aemond, didn’ it? Lord. Albeit, that delicious looking pig. But still, a pig.

54.) Aemond: “Toast to these strong boys. They strong. Super strong. You would think they came from a strong family, that’s how strong they are.”

55.) Daemon and Aemond just be looking at each other, staring in the mirror.

56.) What Mysaria bad accent ass up to?

57.) Now Alicent knows good and gawd damn well Viserys isn’t in his right mind.

58.) And here she go, about to misinterpret what Viserys was saying to her own benefit.
Ooo, that’s some Pumpkin Spice Latte shit right there

59.) Viserys thought he was talking to Rhae Rhae.

60.) Viserys: Ok, I’m done.

Death: N***a we late!!

61.) Bonus Takeaway:

Y’all be sure to check out our lit after-show! We def Talk Dem Thrones in our own, Black way, as we give a Black ass recap on each episode, including the latest one!

We love y’all, y’all love us. And we sincerely appreciate y’all being apart of this growing community!……/watch-dem…/id1641754247

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 8 Summation Part 1:

Shoutout to Paddy Considine, the actor who played Viserys. Say what you want about Viserys, but the actor did one hell of a job. And also, Viserys was weak at times, yes. But also, good. It’s refreshing to see a good person in this universe die or natural (or unnatural) causes. And compared to the other kings we’ve seen on tv, by far the best. Which isn’t saying much.

Also, his rule may have launched his family into a civil war that will kill thousands but at least he kept one of his arms!

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 8 Summation Part 2:


Death’s Assistance: So today we have to pick up Vaemond, a few of nas from Flea Bottom, King Viserys, a Commander of the Nights Watch squire..

Death: Viserys, who?

House of the Dragon EP8: The Lord of the Tides Recap

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