September 25, 2023

1.) I know Death gotta be receiving electrolytes intravenously after that battle with Viserys.

2.) I would def sneak into Viserys’ medicine cabinet to cop some of them Skim Milk of the Oxy’s.

3.) Alicent is missing a few pumps of pumpkin spice sweetener if she believes that a 99% dead n***a who is higher than Bobby and Whitney combined would have the mental capacity to suddenly switch his heir at the last possible second.

4.) When Otto heard that, he immediately started DM’ing folks asking for their cashapp handle.

5.) “He said what? Aegon should be king? Bihhhh, you ain’t have to tell me that! We was gone do that anywayyyyy!” – Otto

6.) Long-laid plans?!? Lol they got that Military Industrial Complex after the JFK hit energy.

7.) Alicent acting shocked is funnier than yt people discovering racism after George Floyd.

8.) Beesbury called out his age so clean. “I am 6 and 70 years old. What we ain’t gone do is..”

BAM! Beesbury, gawd damn! Noooo!

9.) All that zeal C Cole has toward Alicent and he still ain’t getting no cutty.


10.) Grand Maester Orwyle (out loud): Let us have Lord Beesbury removed..

Grand Maester Orwyle (in his head): Cause I can’t think with a dead n***a just right here beside me.

11.) Jesus Christ, get Otto some unilateral, unchecked power and this mf thinks he’s Idi Amin.

12.) You see everyone is trying to get a lil word in and Grand Maester Orwyle is minding his entire Black ass business the entire time.

13.) Alicent pondering how to put Aegon on the throne whilst trying to keep Rhaenyra from pulling up is a giant waste of time.

14.) Lawd Commander Westerling said fck that and fck y’all. I’m out.

15.) Bruh, they are talking and this n***a Beesbury is just laying there dead, head leaking and eyes still open.

16.) On my momma, from now on, anytime Helena speaks, we need to treat it like a Constitutional Amendment.

“It is our fate to crave always what is given to another. If one possess a thing, the other will take it away.”

Up! She said the beast beneath the boards line again. *Points to assistant* “Write that down.”

17.) I swear on the god of ugg boots and police reports, Alicent is the ultimate pumpkin spice latte. She’s trying to save face while simultaneously benefiting from this ultimate treason.

18.) Aegon probably raping and reaving and impregnating every woman in Flea Bottom.

He’s basically a Greyjoy.

19.) They locked in Rhaenys?!? FREE HER!

20.) I mean, I gotta be honest. If I’m intimately involved in a treason at the highest level of government, I’m rounding up everybody. They would receive that Special Vaemond cut.

Shit, too soon, huh?

21.) The score of this episode is def Game of Thrones, Winds of Winter vibes.

22.) Lol Larys Dahmer about to do science experiments on these prisoners.

23.) So now this is turning into a Law and Order SVU episode looking for Aegon.

24.) Bruh, Flea Bottom is equal parts Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Chicago with a lil bit more of Florida.

25.) Every woman in Flea Bottom is in the image of the Mother? Who momma?!

C Cole such a h*e. He’s literally the n***a from Boyz II Men who was begging at end of “End of the Road.”

26.) Aemond gotta eye patch, a sword and highborn Versace from the Daemond Collection on.

Now why in tf did he think no one would recognize him?

27.) Otto really thinks he’s the shit.

28.) These Lords got too much audacity in my opinion. I would’ve bent da knee quicker than a Catholic at church then turn right around, go home, and count who got the most dragons.

29.) Bruh, they made these kids a bunch of Wolverines. Put these mutants in the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

30.) George R R Martin ain’t shit for naming these identical ass twins Erryk and Arryk. Spelling these names are already hard enough.

Help me, help you!

31.) Aegon probably got an innumerable amount of bastards running around Flea Bottom.

32.) Larys is the top commenter on the shaderoom for sure.

He’s one of them verified accounts that says the bare minimum but IG algorithms puts their useless comments at the top. Except his comments and observations aren’t useless. They are clearly useful because Lord Caswell found that out the hard way.

But also, fck em.

33.) Aemond taking a break in the Law and Order episode to do some tier one hating.

Helena’s words! *Points at screen in Leo gif*

33.) They got the Kang wrapped up tighter than King Tutankhamun.

34.) Thank god they freed Rhaenys. I was about to go through that tv screen myself.

35.) Alicent really tried to use that , “You should’ve been queen,” line. Talking to Rhaenys like..”Pumpkin Spice Latte to Pumpkin Spice Latte”

And Rhaenys is like no bih, I’m Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew.

As y’all can probably tell, I spend way too much money on Starbucks.

36.) Rhaenys called out Alicents 53% of yt women voted for Trump logic with that “you serve men” line.

Mother. Fcking. Bars.

37.) I would applaud Mysaria’s intricate schemes and righteous causes but where in the 7 Hells accent is my mute button?!? My gawd.

38.) Ahh, yes the people.

We will do well to remember them. Even if they are dirty and reek of brokeness.

39.) Aegon is Tommy Pickles.

And I feel him on that. Shit, I don’t want ‘Sponserbeleries either.

40.) Aemond looking like, “I could just kill this simpleton right here and now.”

41.) Alicent: “Reluctance to murder is not a weakness!” 😡😡

Also Alicent: *Whispers* “But benefiting from it is a strength 😉

42.) Larys is a YouTube detective. Limp Foot found out who murdered Dolph before the cops did.

43.) “The weaver is me, dummy!” – Larys

44.) Talya is the epitome of my momma on the house phone back in the day talking shit about everyone.

45.) The hell they doing? Playing footsie?

46.) Alicent feet look like they’ve been through more shit than Nissan Altima bumping Mary J Blidge.

47.) Hollllllllllllll trap.

Was this n***a just beating his shit to feet and murder schemes?

48.) And did Alicent know he was gonna start just beating his shit like it owe him mortgage payments to her grotesque feet?

Alicent starting an Only Fan account. Cause those feet only got one fcking fan.

49.) Lord Caswell just a hanging.

50.) I pray and hope Mysaria survived and I also pray and hope that accent was burned well done in that fire.

51.) Toes Curl Lil Foot Larys racking up more bodies than King Von.

52.) You would think Kings Landing is comprised of nothing but Black folks the way they Blue Lives Matter that place.

53.) Nobody, and I mean nobody really believes Viserys changing his mind.

54.) That damn dagger gets more air time than the main chapters.

55.) That’s the truest shit Alicent has said all episode.

Aegon is an imbecile.

56.) They’ll probably need to force and round up folks just like that to attend Charles’ coronation.

57.) Bruh, I wonder if Bessbury still just laying there.

Kings Guard: “What’s that smell? Oh shit, we forgot to scoop that n***a up!”

58.) Meanwhile Rhae Rhae and Daemon playing 2k at Dragonstone, having no earthly idea what tf is happening.

59.) Aegon now has the confidence of a mediocre yt male. Watch out.

60.) Meanwhile, Aemond got his whole, entire eye on Aegon.

61.) I can’t even lie, the pandgetry is pristine. *Chef’s kiss*

62.) Rhaenys!!!

Me out loud, when I was watching: “The Beast beneath the whatchamacallit!”

63.) Rhaenys came through with all the justice of Loving v. Virginia.

She looked at Dem Grains like, “This is War.”

64.) RIP to all the random broke n**as from Flea Bottom who just died, btw. Sheesh.

65.) Rhaenys should’ve burned them faster than I hope they burned Mysaria’s accent.


66.) (Bonus Takeaway):

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Alicent, the entire fcking episode: Boohoo! What about Rhaenrya?!? Boo hoo hoo! The king is dead! Boohoo! We are committing treason! Boo hoo hoo! Not my feet, Larys! Boohoo! We can’t find Aegon! Boohoo! My daddy is mean! Boo hoo hoo!!


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