September 24, 2023

1.) “The only thing that would tear down the house Targaryen, was itself..”

And so begins the clear foreshadowing of what we are getting tf into.

2.) Lol Viserys just be been winging it.
Great Council: We choose you!
Viserys: Shiiit, aight bet.
Doctor: Yo, we gotta cut your wife open so we can kill her and give your son a chance.
Viserys: Ok, cool.

3.) Uncle Daemon put that necklace on Rhaenyra like she Aaliyah and he’s R Kelly Targaryen.

4.) Yo, King Viserys’ wife really should’ve stfu about not giving birth again in hindsight.

5.) Daemon Targaryen is def Blue Lives Matter.
He and them Gold Cloaks would’ve beat the shit out of BLM.

6.) I see why y’all inventing guns cause ain’t no way I’m jousting with nan soul.
And then they fight AFTER? Y’all couldn’t pay me enough.

Me: *Gets off horse*
Also me, while walking away: Ain’t no piece of royal ass worth enough for me to be cool with a horse on horse collision. Naaah, I’m not Caucasian enough.

8.) Nobody:
Daemon Targaryen: I’m going to be the biggest asshole that the assholes of Westroes has ever seen.

9.) I wouldve been drinking Milk of the Poppy just because.

10.) Medieval child birth was wild

11.) Medieval child birth had yt women dying. Now you know that’s risky.

12.) Nobody:
Medieval Child Birth:
Black Women: Seee..

13.) The Hand of the King Hightower pimping out his daughter like backpage opened back up.

14.) Daemon just be f***ing up.
That’s def Joe Biden’s son.

15.) So it took Daemon screwing up and his wife and new born to die for Viserys to realize that the the one true ruler, Rhaenyra, was in his face the whole time?

16.) Yo the fact that Viserys warned Rhaenyra about the white zombie walkers 200 years before they got their squad up is fascinating.

17.) Bravo to this episode. Happy to see a bunch of yt people acting like total fools while the one Black dude is calm and collected, refusing wine so he can have all his faculties in order.

18.) Breh, Again..
Medieval child birth was f****ing wild.

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones Aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 1 summation:

King Viserys to the Queen: You good, just hold tight!
The Queen:

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2 thoughts on “House of the Dragon aka Game of Thrones Aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 1 Takeaways

  1. This is absolutely everything! I am cackling! Thank you for this recap? The last week’s episode felt a lil’ too deliverance if you ask me LOL.

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