December 10, 2023

1.) The intro is back!!

I’m over here bumping this shit like trap music. Them blood visuals looks expensive.

2.) Ni**a really is living up to that crab feeder moniker


I mean, I shouldn’t have to say this if you read TAKEAWAYS for the episode. Lord, what compels people to start reading a numerical takeaway list of an episode they haven’t watched yet and don’t wanna be spoiled on?



3.) Lord Corlys aka NegroGaryen came in hot!

Yes, yes…I know he is actually a Velaryon, who has a Valyrian bloodline just like the Targaryens, so even though related, he is not a Targaryen but fck y’all “Well Actually” people, I’m calling him a gawd damn NegroGaryen.

4.) Trade route politics ain’t never been so compelling.

5.) Lemme translate what the princess told the council in Dem Thrones:

“Don’t we got dragons? Tf?” – Rhaenyra Targaryen

6.) Princess couldn’t pick fast enough when she saw C Cole. More thirsty than a ni**a on cashapp.

7.) Hightower just walking around, hating on everybody, gawd damn.

8.) Lil Hot N’ the Pants Hightower pretending to be interested in what Kang Viserys talking about.

This mf built a whole Lego set when he should be running the Seven Kingdoms. No wonder everything is going to shit.

9.) I’m not a code of safety type dude, but all them candles burning gotta be a fire hazard

10.) When Alicent Hightower starts fcking the Kang, things are going to get a little awkward.

11.) Daughters in anguish that their fathers don’t see them as equal. I know the Little Mermaid when I see it.

12.) NegroGaryen breaking it all the way down to these yt folks.

I vote him Kang. Fck it.

13.) Otto Hightower’s name matches his face which matches his undeniable talent to be a world class diabolical hater

14.) Viserys is weaker than my gawd damn credit score.


16.) R. Kelly would soar to higher wonders than these mf dragons on this show.

17.) Rhaenys aka The Queen That Never Was is more bitter than a babymomma in a Nissan with them eyelashes on the headlights.

18.) Hightower really made this Ni**a fall in love. Gawd damn, where is Future when you need em?!?

19.) These Dragonstone visuals. My god. HBO spent my whole student loans on that shit.

20.) *Enter Leo pointing at the TV GIF*

There they go! Them mf dragons!

21.) Rhaenyra swooped in like Daenerys’ lil sister. Someone said she had baby teeth and by the old gods and the new, I wish I thought of that joke.

22.) Dameon said aight aight, y’all got it.

But don’t get it twisted, him and that dragon (Caraxes) was about to turn Hightower and nem into one of them well done steaks some of y’all like to order.

Y’all embarrass god and country with that shit.

23.) These Hightowers are Kobe and Shaq.

24.) While the Hightowers are Kobe and Shaq, Dameon and Corlys got that Heat! Cause, ya know, they are Wade and Bron forming their own supertea..never mind. Didn’t sound as corny in my head.

25.) “That was never my brothers strongest trait.”


“Being king.”

Me: Aegon Targaryen First of his name, Jesus that was vicious.

26.) These name spellings are kicking my ass from here to Kings Landing.

I swear it takes me more time to look up the spellings than actually do the takeaways.

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones Aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 2 Summation:

R. Kelly watching this episode, wishing he was born 2000 years ago in a fictional world full of yt folks:

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