December 9, 2023

1.) Crab Feeder Legs going Red Lobster in the Stepstones aint he?

2.) Serving them Ultimate Feasts! Ok, no more Red Lobster references. I promise.
Speaking of which. Red Lobster use to have our people in a stranglehold. Y’all remember that shit? We would go to Red Lobster for anniversaries and graduation dinners.

You had to be there.

3.) Never really thought that crabs could be so menacing. Can’t just shoo them n**as away?

4.) Bro got nailed, was getting eaten by crabs and got stomped on by Caraxes. The writers didn’t like that character at all.

5.) I can imagine attending a medieval party with the King is the ultimate code switching. Here I am eating boar, trying to turn up on this wine and this mf says, “And he has my nose,” and I gotta laugh.
Corporate America Jesus, take the wheel.

6.) I tell you what, them Hightowers are some plotting, scamming mfs. They would fit in perfect in present day Atlanta.

7.) They hit us with a three-year time jump like a VH1 miniseries. You know, like fast forward 5 years and David Ruffin trying to get clean and stay off the crack and the Temptations preparing for a reunion tour.
Y’all know what I’m talking about.

8.) Rhaenyra had bro on repeat like he Spotify.

9.) Alicent trying to regain Rhaenyra’s trust while Rhaenyra’s sibling is in Alicent’s stomach is audacious.

10.) Rhaenyra be putting poe Viserys through the Ringer. Send her ass off to Dragonstone or medieval boarding school or sum.

11.) Thank god Jason Lannister didn’t pass down his IQ or wit to Tyrion or the Seven Kingdoms would’ve been f*cked 200 years later.

12.) You already know Rhaenyra and Viserys ain’t Black. Rhaenyra step her Black dad like that in public, he’ll hit her with stern look and whisper, “The hell wrong with you? We’ll talk about this when we get home…”

13.) Having strong willed daughters is all sweet until they start, ya know, strong willing and shit. Trust me, I know. I got two of em.


14.) The dichotomy between the two fathers, Hightower and Viserys is obvious. But also, fascinating.
Hightower: She’ll do as you command.
Viserys: It is not my wish to command her, Otto. I want her to be happy.
Hightower: Happy? Tf?

15.) Lol Viserys’ drunk ass was really shocked by the idea of putting together Aegon II and Rhaenyra like them Targaryen’s don’t practice West Virginian Wrong Turn incest.

16.) Rhaenyra got Viserys drinking like Paul Williams. Ok, that’s my last Temptations reference. I promise.

17.) Lyonel Strong about the only somebody with sense on this show. Bro be giving sound, logical advice. He don’t miss.

18.) Fun Fact: That was the same boar who killed Robert Baratheon 200 years later!

19.) By the way Rhaenyra stabbed that boar, she clearly didn’t grow up watching Peppa Pig on her pad.

20.) Them Targaryen dreams are sponsored by Milk of the Perc 30’s.

21.) “I’m not even white bro!!!” – The Brown Stag

22.) The White Stag X Rhaenyra = The Princess who was promised! I think. Shit, idk. There have been so many damn __ who was promised, I can’t keep up.

23.) On my momma, Otto Hightower the living embodiment of a Nigerian email scam.

24.) Viserys has this god given ability to try to satisfy everyone while not satisfying anyone.

25.) Nobody:
Viserys: I love you, daughter.
Rhaenyra: Screw you, Dad!!!!!!!!

26.) Stepstones are the Gulf of Mexico of Westeros. Or Essos. Or wherever the hell it’s located. Plantos lol.

27.) Caraxes must be the hooper of the dragon family. Bro built like KD.

28.) Velaryons got enough brothers to start a BET spin-off.

29.) Dameon reacted to that letter like I react to a student loan letters. *Emphasis on the plural*

30.) WHERE WAS THIS NA DAEMON AGAINST THE WHITE WALKERS?!? Could’ve ended Thrones by Season Foe!

31.) Bro took out half the Crab Feeder Leg army while running a 4.2 😂😂😂
The most athletic yt boy since Billy Hoyle.

32.) Bruh, how is not ONE arrow connecting? Crab leg feeder’s archers are bunch of Star Wars Storm Troopers.

33.) Daemon is Jon Snow with low morals.

34.) Ahh, there goes like two arrows out 300 connecting. These n***as gotta .67% shooting percentage. The Westbrook of archery.

35.) Seasmoke!!!

Can’t even lie. Had to look that dragons name up. I knew that wasn’t Caraxes lanky ass though.

Seasmoke bout that life doe!

36.) Them sorry archers deserved all the fire.

37.) Don’t die, Black people! Don’t die!

38.) CGI look a lil suspect when they actually show Laenor Velaryon riding TheyDontWantThat Smoke, I mean Seasmoke. May wanna just stay with those far away shots.

39.) Damn. Crab Feeder Legs missing his mf legs. Call him Crab Torso.

40.) That was like two episodes in one. Lord, this show got me hooked 😂

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 3 Summation:
My Student Loans: Your Forgiveness, Deferment and Forbearance are denied.

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