September 24, 2023

1.) Rhanerya out here on medieval Tinder dates.

2.) Lil bro said, “Pull up!”

3.) How you talk all that shit and get smoked by a n*gga who still playing Madden 12 BC.

The Adrien Broner of Westeros.

4.) Daemon just be pulling up uninvited like Tupac in Poetic Justice.

5.) Someone should just punch Hightower in the fcking face and call it a day.

6.) Rhaenyra too forgiving. I guess I’d be forgiving too if I were yt and Rich. Like, ya know. Fck it. I’m yt. Rich. Whatever, ya know?

7.) Could they please stop talking Valyrian. Making me read more subtitles than an episode of Narcos.

8.) These marriage pacts use to have folks stressing..

“I don’t care if she looks like Clarence Thomas’ wife! You gone marry her, ya hear me!? They family own half of Buckhead!”

9.) Happy to see Rhaenyra finally have a seat on the council. I mean, that’s the least they can do after her bff became her dad’s second babymomma.

10.) So in Flea Bottom, they getting fcked up, fcking and doing magic.

So Bourbon Street. Flea Bottom is Bourbon Street.

11.) Alicent tapping into the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith

12.) Viserys greyscale flaring up.

13.) Daemon flew Caraxes Emirates just to come back and hook up with his niece.

I can get petty. But I can’t get incest petty.

14.) Uncle on niece and old n*gga on teenager.

Yep, that’s enough Targaryen romance for me for one episode. Ya know what? Maybe the whole show. Yeah that’s enough for the whole show.

15.) “You can any woman in the realm.”

Targaryens: But my family member, doe 🤔

16.) Westeros got Milk of the Perc 30’s.

I would assume they would have Gas Station pills to help our boy Daemon out, right?

17.) Rhaenyra went to flea bottom one time and suddenly she’s Lori Harvey.

18) Take about 10 minutes to get clothes off in this world. Cole better hurry up.

Any dude will tell you that 10 minutes is the difference between you having a successful night or her falling asleep.

19.) Daemon’s side chick must be from where Shae was. Because that accent is bothering me. Kind of like Shae’s did.

20) Hightower knows good and gawd damn well he wasn’t thinking about not telling him.

Hightower couldn’t WAIT to be Shaderoom

21.) Viserys is finally grew a pair. I mean, Otto is right this time. But still, ya know. Glad to see Viserys take a break from his Lego set for a minute to actually cuss a mf out.

22.) How dare these mfs judging each other.

Alicent out here fcking her best friends father who got COVID 19 BC.

23.) Is it me or Viserys’ Lego set getting bigger?

24.) *Insert Leo pointing at TV GIF*

The dagger Arya used to murk Snow White Zombie Kang!

25.) Viserys said:

“Otto, you have City Girl’d enough in my presence, you scammer!”

26.) Westeros even had Plan B’s?!?

Between that and Milk of the Perc 30’s, us millennials would’ve fit right in!

House of Dragon aka Game of Thrones aka Dem Thrones aka Dem MF Dragons Season 1, Episode 4 Summation:


Alicent and Viserys when Viserys called her in after that Gas Station Turbo Extra Strength kicked in:

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