November 30, 2023
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON EP3: Second of His Name Recap

This episode started off literally on FIRE….We finally got to see the dragons in some real action, and it was with the baddest Mofo in Westeros, Caraxes. The episode starts off 3 years later and alot has taken place. Dae Dae and the Seas Snake in a war with the Crab Feeder, Rhae Rhae mad AF, King Viserys done lost fingers but picked up two more kids with his now wife Alicent. She done slid in and gave him an heir and a spare. Like I said…it’s some shit going on. Things pick up and go left during the royal hunt and alot of family shit comes to light on all fronts. This episode was full of sibling rivalries and shit…with a full dose of Otto Hightower hating ass. The episode started on fire and ended on fire. It really showed us that one, the Sea Snake and his progeny ain’t no punks. And two, Daemon Targaryen is that dude. Did mention Otto Hightower hating ass was hating the whole hour? Anyways between all of that shit, there was alot of small stories within the story going on and in this recap we touched on all that. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel from the video to get the latest episodes. And if you can’t watch, subscribe and listen to us on the major podcast platforms like here and here….

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