December 9, 2023
House of the Dragon EP4: King of the Narrow Sea Recap

In this episode, we explore the Targaryen’s political acumen seasoned with a bit of paprika incest and senior citizen on teenager love making. From the start, we get into Rhaenrya going on Tinder/Speeding dating to find a suitable mate followed by Daemon arriving back at Kings Landing on a seemingly good-will gesture after defeating the Crab Feeder at the Stepstones. However, we quickly realize this good-will gesture was nothing more than a ploy to bed and eventually wed Rhaenrya, his niece, for political power. Viserys, after years of only concentrating on his Lego set realizes there are vultures all around him, circling his dying corpse, including his Hand, Otto Hightower, who couldn’t wait at the chance to tell Viserys of Daemon and Rhaenrya’s wild night out in Flea Bottom. Realizing that Otto puts his own ambition and self interest over the realm, he fires Otto faster than Trump fired Omarosa. The episode concludes with Viserys giving Rhaenrya a good talking to and dropping off a Westeros-y Plan B. 
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