December 8, 2023

Let’s consider this..

Young Jeezy once stated he won Trapper of the Year four times in a row and no one looked into the the validity of that claim.

But why?

Was his apex that monumental, that no one considered questioning or probing into how one would win Trapper of the Year once, let alone four times, consecutively?

What are the criteria’s/guidelines to determine such an achievement?

What does the peer review process entail?

Do they bring in dug users to test the product of the nominees before reaching a decision? Are they the final decision makers? Do we trust the decision making of an habitual drug user for such an important award like Trapper of the Year?

And do they (the nominees) need trap receipts to establish how much product was sold, including wholesales? Is there an audit that takes place which accounts for oversight of product sold and inventory?

Ahead of tonight’s trap showdown with the Trap God, these are questions I feel like must be answered by the Snowman. Because not only did he win this prestigious award four times in a row, but…BUT they gave him a LIFETIME supply of baking soda clientele, a “Rollie” (presumably this means Rolex) watch, two (stainless steel) pots, and THREE (Target, not Walmart) scales.

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