September 24, 2023

CLEVELAND, OHIO - NOVEMBER 14: Quarterback Mason Rudolph #2 of the Pittsburgh Steelers fights with defensive end Myles Garrett #95 of the Cleveland Browns during the second half at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 14, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Browns defeated the Steelers 21-7. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

1.) So what exactly happened? I know Myles Garrett attacked the white fellow with the white fellow’s own helmet after ripping it off, but what made Myles Garrett continue footballin’ after the football play was over?

2.) Was Myles Garrett kicked or punched or kicked AND punched in the testicles for doing too much football on the white fellow?

3.) Did anyone even watch the game? I know some of us are protesting football and some of us simply didn’t watch that shit because it was the Browns vs. Steelers. Personally, I was protesting the Browns vs. Steelers.

4.) Apparently, Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s number one African American, compared the white fellow, Mason Rudolph. to a “6 year old child” running at 6’5 260 lbs Myles Garrett. Does Stephen A. Smith know the white fellow is listed at 6’5, 236 lbs?

5.) I get that the NFL will hold Myles Garrett accountable but will the NFL also hold the white fellow accountable if it is indeed true that the white fellow punched and/or kicked Myles Garrett in the testicles?

6.) Also, aren’t we talking about football?

7.) The national headline is about someone trying to use a helmet as a weapon when all football players do is run full speed into each other and use their helmets as weapons, right?

8.) The NFL being in the business of regulating already regulated violence seems weird, right? Also, isn’t regulated violence, well, violence?

9.) Will the NFL lay down the “law” on Myles Garrett?

10.) Will the NFL let the white fellow slide?

10 1/2.) Will the NFL pull an America?

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