December 4, 2023


Allow me to start by saying I am not a big fan of Colin Kaepernick as a player.  Being real, I think his social injustice work outweighs anything he ever did on the field by a wide margin. I have watched football for quite some time and have seen many talented quarterbacks come and go.  Colin is certainly a talented quarterback.  I remember when I first saw him come in and play a few snaps when the 49ers were playing against a Tim Tebow-led Denver Broncos.  I thought there was a lot of potential there and I looked forward to seeing him on the field.

Fast forward a bit and Colin lead the 49ers to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1995 in 2013.  Truthfully speaking, after a rough first half, one might even say if Colin had enough time left on the clock he would have led his team to a championship against Baltimore that year.  However, in the 2013-2014 season Colin ended up taking a couple of steps back.  The league (and maybe even his celebrity) caught up to him a bit, he didn’t appear as focused or capable of adapting to defenses on the field, and eventually he was benched in favor of an optically inferior quarterback in Blaine Gabbert.  Then he started kneeling during the National Anthem, got his starting job back, and decided not to pick up his option to play with the team for another year.  You all know how the rest went.

And in the event you don’t know how it went, colonizers were pissed he chose to kneel during the Anthem, total war broke out on social media, the NFL allegedly colluded to keep him from playing in the league again, Nike signed him as a brand ambassador, and now he and Jay-Z are in a cold war over how to move forward with combating social injustice.

With all that being said, coupled with my own feelings about Colin as a quarterback, even I can admit it is time to bring him back into the fold.  If only there was an organization with a history of doing fairly well by black athletes and coaches who has an image perfect for putting a black quarterback that stands against social injustice in a prime position to succeed due to them losing their starting quarterback with a shady past for the entire season.  I mean, where would we find such and amazing scenario?

Oh wait…

The Pittsburgh Steelers should pick up Colin Kaepernick TODAY!!!  They are well equipped for handling backlash from an outraged colonizer public, have a black coach who appears to be fighting for his job, and are in desperate need of some sort of spark on offense.  The NFL would benefit because the saga surrounding Colin would be over and it would serve as a great storyline for their 100th season.  The President of All Goofy Things who sits in that big white house would be mad, but at the core of everything nobody would really care.  The move would also make Pittsburgh an even more attractive destination for upcoming free agents.

Do I expect them to sign Colin? Not really.  Do I think social media and fan pressure will rise exponentially if Big Ben’s backup doesn’t perform well after his first game?  HELL YEAH!!!

Ultimately we have to wait and see how things shake out.  With that said, allow me a moment of complete transparency…

I’m tired of hearing about this shit.  Please, PLEASE sign him, Pittsburgh.

– The Unapologetic Geek aka Hot-Take Hotep

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