December 4, 2023

Jakobe was assaulted and sent to the ICU with traumatic injuries.

Jakobe’s parents approached us as asked that we share this petition with you because they are still fighting for answers and an arrest in their son’s case.

This is the petition.

The petition says that Jakobe was being harassed online by a person he had never met.  

Jakobe’s family describes him as a gentle, fun-loving, young man.

They wrote that “slurs and character assassination that were hurled upon Jakobe” and that was just the beginning. He was torn down emotionally first. Then there were physical threats of violence posted online.  

The petition reads,

“Threats of “ass whoopin” and actual MURDER, documented, and submitted to police.

When the two finally met, face-to-face for the first time it was only seconds before Jakobe was knocked unconscious and face down on the ground.  The assailant continued to beat and kick Jakobe’s already limp body while his friend videotaped the entire incident.  Jakobe spent days in the ICU due to traumatic brain injuries.  According to the Texas Tech PD, “dozens of students submitted evidence” and the case is now in the hands of Lubbock Police Department.

No charges have been pressed, no arrest has been made by the Lubbock Police Department. We demand that charges be brought against the man responsible for this attack. Many students have brought forth eye-witness testimony of the event along with digital evidence of months of prior harassment against Jakobe, all in response to an immediate request for information by Texas Tech Police Department and Texas Tech Student Conduct offices.  The sheer number of witnesses and amount of digital evidence leads one to question why no charges have been pressed.  

This is not what we are about. We are for standing up for what is right. We are for speaking up for those who seem quiet and ensuring people do the right thing. We are FOR Justice for Jakobe.

Sitting idly by, and not demanding justice, is a loss for Jakobe.  You know the kindness and gentleness that defines Jakobe and, if you are a student on these chats, you likely witnessed incidents of online harassment in advance of this assault.  If you did or you didn’t you can’t ignore that this violence is unacceptable. 

Be a voice for Jakobe!  Sign this petition, which demands that the Lubbock Police Department and the Lubbock County District Attorney’s office press charges allowed, to the full extent of the law, which acknowledge both the assault and the prior harassment.

Please sign this petition and share on all of your social media channels. (Please note that donations on this platform are strictly for increasing traffic to the petition and do not financially benefit Jakobe.)”

We are following up with Jakobe’s family to hear from them directly. They asked that you sign and share the petition to help amplify Jakobe’s voice.

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