December 8, 2023


#JayZ invested $1 million in a Black owned snack business, #Trump gets sued, #USDA holds listening session on Black land being stolen and more are in #YourDailyShot

1. Trumps sued in San Francisco over new immigration rule targets poor immigrants

Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden / Sipa USA via AP

Trump’s new immigration rule targets poor immigrants which will limit access to visas that allow immigrants to remain within American borders. For example, if people fail to meet high enough income standards or if they receive public assistance such as welfare, food stamps, public housing or Medicaid, then those people would likely be denied visas. Click here to read more. 

2. Jay-Z invested in Black owned allergy friendly snack company


They say when you invest in our communities, they grow. Jay-Z put those words to life by investing $1 million in Partake, a Black owned, allergy friendly, snack company. By doing so, this woman, Denise Woodard, along side her life and business partner Jeremy Woodard, saw their business rise by “3000% and website traffic increased 150%,” according to a recent Forbes article written by contributor Maryann Reid. Click here for full article

3. Facebook invading privacy again using Messenger

Josh Edelson/Getty Images

Facebook is doing what it does best – invade your privacy. In the latest addition of “I can’t keep my nose out of y’all business,” Facebook has been spying on you, most likely, through Facebook Messenger. If using the application be cautious of what you are saying . . . Click here for more on this article.   

4. Ciara and Russell Wilson are part owners of a professional soccer team

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kudos to Ciara and Russell for their big move to become part owners of the Seattle Sounders, an American professional soccer team. The couple continues to make major financial moves looking like they are coming for the “thrown.” Watch out! Full article can be found here

5. More Black owned land threatened to be stolen

© Getty Images

Today the USDA or United States Department of Agriculture will hold a listening session to seek input from experts, heirs of the property, and other officials to get to the bottom of Black landowners being dispossessed from their property since the 20th century. For more on this story and to be connected to the listening session. click here.

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