December 5, 2023

Leaving his home state of Mississippi and choosing Atlanta was the best leap of faith Josh Waters did for his career. Tap him in with WLPWR, Owner and Operator of BNDWTH Studios in Atlanta and we’ve got a problem. GOOD PROBLEMS! What do you do with a pandemic proof artist that delivered consistent heat every week of the lockdown? You take an early bow and give the man his flowers now because he is already unf*ckwitable! Straight from the Mississippi Mud, Josh Waters has not only proved that his vocals are undeniable but the talent matches his aura.

2020 proved to be a training ground for R&B singer & BNDWTH signee Josh Waters, as he raised the bar to show his followers and Indigo Kids the difference between him and other artists. The astonishing feat of providing 52 weeks of music left his fans, followers, and US asking what’s next?? He’s already quenching our thirst with J20 (Stay Thirsty My Friends) but trust there is more coming down the line. He’s warming us up with “Cyclone.”

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you still love the vibe of R&B. Not only that, you need to experience it to understand how necessary the sound is. Listening to the vocals of Josh Waters keeps you locked in. What’s next is arguably the biggest record ever presented from the artist, which proves he is not only the exception to the saying “R&B is dead”, but that vulnerability is alive and well. As soon as you hit play and begin to travel into the eye of the storm, this simple yet lively ballad will shift you into a new reality. As it picks you up and spins you around, Josh laments over the destruction of this latest “Cyclone.” This stunning acoustic guitar-driven song produced by multi-platinum producer WLPWR (Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, YelaWolf, Big K.R.I.T, Travis Barker) is bound to strike a chord.


In our opinion, Cyclone proves to be the song from the male perspective when dealing with an overly emotional and possibly toxic individual who doesn’t understand the damage that is done by her actions, words, and inability to feel what impact she has on her significant other. With deafening lyrics like “And I keep holding on with fleeting faith, praying that you’ll calm your storm, and love will take its place” and “You pick me up, you tear me down, but I couldn’t hurt you if I tried” Josh successfully taps into the emotions of identifying when something or someone is obviously not the best for you, but the ability or need to “keep the same energy” just isn’t in the cards.

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