November 30, 2023

Judge Latrice Westbrooks has the opportunity to become the FIRST woman in Mississippi History to be elected to the Supreme Court & the First Black woman to ever sit as a Supreme Court Justice for the state.

Westbrooks was a current Judge for the Court of Appeals. She has served as both a municipal court judge & appellate court judge.

Her opponent is an appointee of the previous governor. Never in Mississippi’s history has there been a better opportunity than right now to have a voice like hers on the Mississippi bench. With more women and black women running for leadership positions and winning throughout the country – races like Supreme Court are important to remember.

Current Mississippi Supreme Court (photo via MS Supreme Court)

A former criminal defense & civil rights attorney, Judge Westbrooks has been working for the marginalized for her whole career and Fairness would be on full display.

The Current Makeup of the MS Supreme Court is very lacking in diversity with 8 of its 9 members being white and 8 of its 9 members being male. Mississippi is approximately 40% Black. That representation is not reflected on the court. To truly have a chance at making history in Mississippi she will need time, funding, resources and a national platform behind Her. This is a monumental opportunity for her & the community.

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