September 26, 2023

Kanye doesn’t deserve us. And damn sure doesn’t deserve our intellectual loopholes.

And when we offer up these loopholes, we give him a way out. Which is a gift and a curse of ours. We continuously give Black celebrities, popular figures and people we personally care about these loopholes. In the case of Kanye, he gave us timeless, personally intimate art. Not once, but on several occasions. And because of that intimacy, it’s hard to let go. The art and the person are so intertwined. Even after they’ve wronged us.

We love us some us.

But if they wrong us again and again, why? Why offer words and thoughts pertaining to master plans; or being an independent thinker; or he didn’t lose his endorsements when he spewed anti-Black rhetoric, more specifically, anti-Black movement rhetoric. Why offer those avenues of escape for someone who doesn’t love us?

See, for me, I can’t stand that n*gga. So take the words I type with a grain of pink Himalayan salt people with 3% interest rates got tucked in their pantry.

When we say independent thinker, does that mean he’s reached a level of independence because of the work he’s put in? What’s so independent about it? He was backed by a plethora of major corporations, dating all the way back from his College Dropout days. He married and had kids with someone who is literally a walking corporation. He’s a capitalist hero. He’s someone capitalism shows off when they, in the words of him, “Wanna show off they token Blackie.”

Master plans? What plan? The plan of losing his fucking job(s)? Because that’s what he did. He lost his job(s). He didn’t get canceled. No, he lost his fucking job(s). And you would lose your job(s) too if you said what he said. That wasn’t part of his master plan. Trust me. If anything, it’s a, “Ahh shit, I think I fucked up” plan. Kanye has and continues to seek the approval of yt folks. This is nothing new. He whines about being accepted by the yt establishment, then rushes to be accepted in the form of being tied to multi billion dollar ran yt corporations or Trump.

He didn’t lose his endorsements when he spread anti-Black rhetoric, more specifically anti-Black movement rhetoric. I’m confused by this notion. At what point have we expected yt corporations to care about Black folks? Also, and more specifically to Kanye, at what point have we expected yt corporations to care about Black folks when an exhaustive amount of Black folks support Kanye’s anti-Black rhetoric?

When Kanye wanted Trump to become the father he never had, what did a lot of us do? When Kanye proclaimed “Slavery was a choice,” what did a lot of us do? When Kanye shitted on Black culture, what did we do? When Kanye was used as a pawn (assuming this is the only time he’s played chess, not checkers) by Candace Owens to rail against an entire movement—including the Black body of George Floyd—centered around the unfair, unjust and evil treatment of Black folks by those who are called upon to Protect and Serve, what did a lot of us do?

We gave him the fucking loopholes.

Adidas. We know it’s yt owned. Probably from top to bottom. We also know it’s incorporated in Germany, a country that probably wouldn’t mind distancing itself from anti-Semitism (You know, based on someone who rocked a heinously wild mustache some years back). And if we know this, I’m assuming Kanye knew this too. And even with that knowledge, this “Mastermind” still said in an interview Adidas wouldn’t dare drop him for spewing anti-Semitic propaganda. And he said it on Drink Champs, a place where Masterminds frequent. But guess what? They they dropped him. Because they don’t play that shit.

But unfortunately we do, sometimes.

I troll. And I do a flimsy job at it. I do shit like pronounce his thought process is as deep as a chick-fil-a dipping sauce. I joke because I don’t take him seriously. But too many of us do. And I love y’all. And I also don’t fuck with him.

So I just want y’all to be careful.

Leslie McLemore writes about a lot of different shit for Black With No Chaser. He is also the Takeaway Kang, the greatest baby father to the dopest babymomma, and the father of two beautiful girls, one of which gets on every nerve he has. The other one is sweet…sometimes. So, you know, balance. Sort of.

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