December 4, 2023

Classically we as women are sworn into modesty from birth. We are sworn into our mothers’ traumas and our fathers’ regrets. No family dynamic is good enough for you to grow into your own and without mistakes. Dress like this, walk like this, talk like this and of course, never be unlady like.

Red lipstick was made for whores. At least that’s what they use to say. If you wore it, it was an invitation for much more than a few drinks and a little conversation. Skirts above the knees just holler coming get it. Shirts that are cut to far are windows to more than your heart. All those things said by women of the most golden eras of time and then those notions got passed on for generations after generations. I chuckle a bit as I smear on my make-up and, yes, red lipstick will be worn because I amnow liberated and free of those chains. The chains that still have so many women shackled and in fear as well as shame.

They say never sleep with them on the first night and whatever you do never show your teeth to every guy you meet. So, shall I just shake his hand or shall I look away and cover my smile when other suitors say hello? How miserable it must be to be so breathtakingly gorgeous and not reap the benefits of it. Beauty’s only skin deep but what about the kind that’s on the surface. The kind people meet and greet before they get to know the skin deep parts of you? Is it not important too…why yes, yes it is. That’s why I say live in your feminine beauty and live in it unapologetically. Don’t let those old wives tales of condonations stop you from flowing freely in this life.

Jide Allen
Concept Artist, Illustrator & interior designer

Women of the 21st century should be more up to date than outdated. Sure some old ways of feminine character still need to apply but others…please do away with them. They become a prison. They become a thorn in your side as you try to find your true self. Those old fashioned tactics really can become somewhat of a fishbowl with you drowning inside. If you want to wear your hair in any distinct way, your make-up or that sexy cut dress and capture you a “snack”…do it. You and only you own that privilege of self-divination to do so. For myself, I don’t always want to buy and take ownership of the meat I wish to eat. That’s just my way of saying that if all I want to do is have casual sex and not be in a relationship…that’s my right to do so. It doesn’t make me a whore or a “floozy”. It makes me someone who knows what I’m ready for or not. I’m a new aged woman with a little bit of old fashioned ways. I’m a corky, hippie eccentric free spirited kind of gal that still likes to be conventional on how I carry myself. The kind of woman that has no fear or shame to step outside the box and, instead, use it to pack up past notions that don’t blend with my potions of being who I am or desire to be.

They say she must have daddy issues. She must hate herself. Nope, I love myself because I know myself and simply living by someone else’s rules don’t become a woman who wants to make it to her midlife stages without a crisis. Although I’m still prone to my own spectrum of feminine traumas, I acknowledge that some women are just not ready to break free. Not ready to explore the “YOLO” life. You only have one life and it’s time to live. I mean genuinely live. Make it be something you can look back at 85 years old and have little to no regrets about how you lived it as well as loved it.

Sasha Robinson

So with that being said, I would like to take my bra off for first.The bra filled with heavy baggage that was never mine. The bra that gave me only enough support until growth happened. The bra alot of us wear but even when we adjust the strap the cup still runneth over and instead of unhooking it to let things fall free we continue to stuff it back up. Sisters, it’s time to free those stigmatized titties. Release yourself and dance in your nakedness. The bare naked truths that came from your depths to your surface just so they can be seen and you wear them with pride. So that you can love them and realize you’re your own woman and you don’t have to live by anyone else’smeasurements but yours. That’s how you learn to live and exhale after you’ve inhaled far too long. So, maybe next you can take of those panties a little more confident as well, but that’s a story for next time. Free them tah-tahs!

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