December 9, 2023

This episode I discuss a variety of things going on in the news as well as our culture. The first thing I addressed was the killer of Mr. James Byrd finally being executed in Texas. This has finally brought this horrific case to a close and has given his family the justice and closure that they deserve. I also delved into the highly controversial discussion that has been raging o about the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral in France and the reactions of our nation’s leaders towards it versus their reactions to the numerous burned historically Black churches. I talked about it with the intent of understanding all sides. Also, in this episode I touched on the Nipsey freestyle from Jay Z and how it ties into what we as a community can do to fiscally help ourselves now and in future generations. Make sure to check out This Week in Sports….the Game of Thrones Edition and a new Politricks As Usual where I give brief intros of the leading Democratic candidates….and closing out this week, I give a SPOILER FREE review for Marvel’s The Avengers Endgame….
Talk it Over by Big Sant & Redcoat the Poet
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