September 28, 2023

Major Shout Out to our friends from the Moses West Foundation for pulling up to Jackson Mississippi with the water making machine! For those who are unfamiliar, Moses West is the brother who created an atmospheric water generator (AWG) machine that creates clean drinking water from air!

Jackson is currently relying heavily on scarce supplies of bottled water. Moses West, a former US Army ranger has a vision of water being a human right; a necessity that can and must be provided to those in need. He founded the Moses West Foundation (MWF) to make that vision a reality.

In tandem, the MWF and AWG Contracting utilize the most technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators, manufactured right here in the US, to provide clean and fresh water to all those in need.

The machine’s location is 585 Beasley Road at the Quarters Assisted Living Facility. Citizens will have the ability to come to the location to get water free of charge.

The Moses West Foundation wants to do more for Jackson but they will need help. They have more machines to build and they are working and meeting with community leaders to get these machines transported here. They are currently raising funds to support the efforts of building more machines.

As you can see from the videos, the technology is transformational opportunity for 180,000 (mostly Black) citizens to easily access clean water. Imagine a city where these are deployed and creating sustainable drinking water for communities who need it the most. This is what the future can look like. Community leaders are helping lead these collaborative efforts and we want to see it scaled.

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