September 30, 2023

The year 2020 was supposed be OUR year.” Lmao! And so far it is by far the most ghetto-est year of all my years alive on earth!

So far we have found out no one knew the real definition of impeached…

We lost Kobe nem…(RIH, kissing devices and blowing them up to the sky). I’m still messed up behind this Fam.

JSU’s President Bynum… was literally out here loving THEEse Heauxs. I still don’t think he should have resigned. I mean… I can see if he was using the churches money. He wasn’t! Like, what if he was somewhere buying butt where butt buying is legal? Then what?

Bro is that foooordddyy* dollars?

Andrew Gillum was possibly trapped in the closet…

In real time we got Da’ Rona wiping us out, and we are high key on a real life episode of Survivor and Trump is the host.

Fix it Jesus. If them witnesses knock on my door I’m gone answer this time Jehovah.

The stimulus package… I just saw a damn meme asking if they could cash app the $1200. Wheeewww Chile.

I read they were talking about $10k to student loans. Who is they? Duh… They is them. Lmao! I could be tripping, but if they actually paid off or forgive student loan debt…. could that make the economy boom some? No? Maybe not, but it sounded good in my head. I feel like if you graduate college your loans should be forgiven. PeriodT.

I was reading somewhere else about how ventilators on average cost about $20k and 2 weeks into the coronavirus they are now like $50k.

You can’t find toilet tisha* anywhere. People out here using coffee filters.

With places of business closed down, strippers are out here with doing uber eats (boober eats) topless.

Today is only March 46th, and as ghetto as the year has been…. I believe the foolery is just getting started.

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