December 10, 2023

Hey! Hey! BWNC Collective! This is your Intuitive Life Coach, Medium and Astrologer Diamond Rodgers.

I have been an Intuitive reader for almost 7 years now, along with a host of other titles but stepping into a more connected Spiritual business/practice wasn’t necessarily on my to-do list. The Universe apparently had some extra plans for me that I didn’t know about till I was almost 30 years old.

May the Stars Align in your favor! December’s astrological insight

Everyone has an “inner knowing” or what we like to call “that little voice inside our heads”. We’ve all known not to do something and did it anyway. Then we kick ourselves later cause we knew it was gonna turn out like it did. We’ve felt it or saw it before it even happened.

From an early age I’ve always known things that I didn’t know. I got fussed at a plenty of times by knowing what I’m not suppose to know and being right about it. All in adults business as usual. I eventually just learned my place, as our parents would say and kept my mouth closed.

It wasn’t until I was so over the boring redundancy of life in my adulthood that my sixth sense became very loud. After about one year of trying to ignore it, I had to acknowledge it. I dodged some pretty drastic events, like car accidents and saved myself a lot of trouble in most cases because I just so happened to listen to that little voice.

I soon realized that I had been a “know it all” ever since I was a kid. Here I am now, 7 years later, very much aware and very much using my gifts to help others understand the seen and unseen. I am a multidimensional person, which you soon will learn as we spend more time together. Let’s take this relationship nice and slow (cues Usher “Nice and Slow” in your head…lol) but in the mean time I want to share with you guys some astrological and intuitive insight for this upcoming month, December 2021.

So first off, let me just say this is a forecast where I look into some of the most significant astrological transits for the upcoming month. Despite what zodiac sign you are, you will experience this energy to some degree of intensity or the lack thereof. I will also be sharing some intuitive messages.

Disclaimer: Only take any messages that may resonate with you and leave what doesn’t. I’m channeling messages for anyone who will read this now or in the future. So all of the messages may be for you now or they may be for you at a later date. You could come across this blog months after its posted and the message may resonate for you, nothing is by coincidence.

Alright enough chatter and side notes. Let’s see what December has in store for us.

Well kicking off the first weekend in December is a Solar eclipse on Saturday the 4th. This eclipse is actually the last one of eclipse season and the last one on the Gemini and Sagittarius axis. This energy is subsiding and we feel more of the energy from the Lunar eclipse we had on the 19th of November, which launched us into a new cycle for the next 2 years. We will continue to evaluate our relationships with ourselves, people, our philosophies and how we view the world. The majority of us, including myself have felt the brunt of how things are changing in the world. How we use to roll with the punches was actually us getting our asses kicked, so we are really reevaluating life right now and how we want our futures to look. That cycle is going to help us anchor and create a more stable foundation mentally, spiritually, physically and in our physical world.

This is the end of the year and these energies are really helping us prepare for the upcoming year and then some. The energy surrounding the 12/4 eclipse will offer the opportunity to focus on goals that will increase our awareness for whatever may come. So in other words, its time to expand those horizons and think outside of the box when it comes to achieving our goals. The Universe will present opportunities for us to breakthrough any limitations we have with communication and communicating. So many of you will have to come forth and speak up even though its not something you normally do. You have something to say, so say it. Becoming more comfortable speaking your mind and voicing what needs to be heard to yourself and others will definitely be the running theme. There is so much healing that can happen when we allow ourselves to conquer our fears of being ourselves fully.

Opportunities in leadership, mentorship or public speaking may cross your path, many with the undertone of having to really express your beliefs and views regarding the current state of things in the world. This is coupled with the energy of Sagittarius season, which began November the 22nd and ends on the Winter solstice December 21st. This Sag energy has us ready to work in our fullest potential. The fire we feel this month is driving us to create a life with a greater sense of freedom – One in which we live by our own rules. We are more direct in our actions, focusing on our targets and learning all at the same time. It’s definitely a good time to look into higher eduction or just in general get your head back in the books, especially entrepreneurs. For those who are more spiritually in tune to cosmic energies, you may be experiencing new waves of insight and your gifts may increase exponentially. You may also experience Kundalini Awakenings. We’ll have to dive into that topic on a later date but just know if you feel an extreme shift in how you view the world it’s possible that you have awakened it.

A Full Moon in Gemini will occur on the 18th. By now you will have probably faced your fear of communicating publicly and are well underway to feeling confident in your new found freedom. Ready to take on the next assignment that helps you solidify it even more. You also may be surprised at some of the news you receive during this phase of the moon. Travel is possible, especially for attending conferences and workshops.

Not that far behind this Full Moon comes the Winter Solstice and what I like to call Synchronistic alignment on December 21st and 22nd. Numerically 12/21/2021 and 12/22/2021. I’ve come to observe that days like these with repeating numbers tend to have a little extra umph energetically. I honestly feel the significant shift of energy in the air.

I’ve observed that sometimes the day looks different even though nothing has really changed, it feels new. Its almost like driving the same car for years but one day when you get in it and it looks like the day you got it and nothing is physically different, but it just just feels different. Anyway, the Winter solstice is going to exaggerate that feeling. I mean we are technically coming into a new season so why wouldn’t it?

During this time we will need to acknowledge how far we’ve come. You all have lived through another year and during a pandemic, I would say there is so much to be grateful for. As we celebrate the light of the winter days and reflect on our paths up until this point, we are met with even more cosmic rays that bring us further into alignment as we reach the Galactic Center of our galaxy. Remember we are spiraling through space, we are traveling on this rock, honey it is not sitting still in space. The earth is going to be bombarded with various cosmic energies and frequencies that will affect the life on this planet, mostly for the good but this could also effect our weather. We may see record numbers of snow fall, freezing temperatures and uncommon natural disasters for this time of year going into 2022. Just make sure you’re prepared for the winter.

Last, but not least, we will simultaneously merge into Capricorn season on the 22nd with the solstice energy. Since we’ve overcome those fears we are ready to move forward. Capricorn’s hard work ethic pushes us further into our purpose by getting us to do the work. We aren’t setting New Year’s resolutions cause there wont be any. We are striving for excellence now and are not afraid of our independence and our voices. We are ready to tackle 2022 head on, ambitious and ready for the challenge. We’ll continue to feel this energy propel us into more opportunities to work in that space within ourselves.

If you are tuned to receiving this cosmic insight just know that there are some extremely great, “once in a lifetime” opportunities for you once you are in alignment with yourself, your beliefs and have worked through your fears. Allow the energy of the cosmos to steer you in the direction of your greatness. Sure there will be days where the sun isn’t so bright but the sun never stops shining and neither should you. Wake up renewed everyday and shine on despite the clouds.

            Well my loves this concludes the astrological and intuitive insight for this month. I’ll see you again in two weeks to check in with you guys. As always I love you and I’ll talk to you later. 

Diamond Q. Rodgers, Intuitive Life Coach, Astrologer and Medium. Your intermediary between the seen and unseen. Dropping cosmic knowledge from the stars all while being unapologetically Black.

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