September 24, 2023

Recently, I went to New York while the United Nations General Assembly was in session and for the climate change protests. I also went to be fast and got the chance to meet some ITB Fam that I talk to often but I never met. Hey… why not kill a few birds with one stone ya know…But thats neither here nor there.

I currently reside in the D[M]V area so NY isnt but a hop, skip, and a jump away depending on traffic. Lets not forget about those $50 or more tolls. I may be exaggerating that amount, but based off the stories I hear my estimate isnt too far off. (Which is why I didnt drive and because of the parking…) I figured Id take a train up.

Man… Amtrak must have lost their damn minds with ticket pricing. (This is possibly because I was super last minute.) I could have booked a damn flight to France for what they came at me with! So…. take the Megabus they said. Its also cheaper they said.

Now if you have ever taken the Megabus then you are familiar with the way they store your luggage. Naturally I always try to see the good in things and take the high road so Im saying store to come off as professional, but you know what… eff that right now. Basically if you are familiar with how they store your luggage translates into…. they just throw your sh%t up under that d*mn bus any kind of got d@mn way!

I arrived to the Megabus location and as I stood in line to hand over my luggage and board the bus I noticed a couple bags the different passengers had looked identical. I still had my luggage tag on my carry-on from a recent flight so I was like I should be good with that. I get on the bus and the way my anxiety is set up… I started to think…. what if someone accidentally grabs the wrong bag? That thought had me on edge until we arrived in NY. I retrieved my luggage with no issues so I figured Megabus was legit after all.

When the time came to leave. I left with no worries right? F_cking wrong! I arrived to Baltimore (Whitemarsh or whatever its called) pretty late. Im tired with an additional 25 min drive once I got to my car to get home. I get off the bus and all the luggage had been cleared out with like 3 suitcases remaining. My suitcase was red. Only one red suitcase was under there and it was NOT MINE! Yall…. someone took the wrong luggage! I got got!

Im in panic mode! The driver tells me that its nothing he can do. He told me Id have to call Megabus. Yes you are correct… I wanted to fight him! No I did not body slam him because Im saved now.

Most of the passengers had cleared (left) the parking lot. I checked the bag to see if they had any information on it. They did have a luggage tag, but it only had their name on it. Which took me to the highest level of pisstivity! How are you going to put your name with no contact information? I tried to wait at the parking lot exit to flag some cars down but the majority looked at me crazy or just looked forward as if they didnt see me like I was homeless and wanted some money. I called Megabus and they were no help! I told them the name on the bag thinking that they could track it down to at least contact them for me. At least that would have been the common sense thing to do. Unfortunately common sense aint so common.

I was sick. I didnt realize how much of my life necessities I packed away for a weekend in a carry-on bag. Luckily…. I received a call the next day while at work from the woman that accidentally grabbed my bag. She was very apologetic. We met at the bus location to make the exchange. I was also paranoid as hell because well… theyre snatching folks. All I know is that I was being set up. However, I did let folks know where I was headed and I also talked to friends while making the swap.

The moral of this story is…. If you take the Megabus anywhere… find creative visible ways to personalize your luggage. I wont completely write Megabus off for this one. While it was the most ghetto travel experience ever…. it was convenient (could get a ticket same day) and inexpensive. So yes Id use them again. Only difference is Im going to tape my entire damn suitcase up with neon duct tape. If someone takes that, their asses boarded Megabus to damn steal!


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