December 9, 2023

I Had a friend and classmate from Tougaloo who is the mother of 4 children one being a very small infant daughter call me this morning. She and her family were victims of the flood last month. they were all left homeless, without clothing, and a car after the flooding last month. Their home was almost completely submerged by the waters. They are going to need a lot of help and support from us as a village as fema can not assist because no national disaster was declared and mema has been very slow. I am creating a go fund me on behalf of my friend and asking for your help and support to help my friend and her children get back on their feet and in a good situation. This is truly a moment where I need the village to come together to rally around our sister and her beautiful family. I want to show the world what we are capable of collectively through how we uplift them. (Donation Link:

We are seeking funding to help them get a safe place to stay, a vehicle to get to and from school, the doctor, and elsewhere, clothes, food, and any other relief that has been created by the burden of this disaster on this family.

Nyana Griffis Family Flood Relief Fund

No amount or contribution is too large or too small and everything helps. I was not sure how much to set as the goal for my friend and her 4 children so I set it at $25,000 taking into consideration the cost of living for a family of 5 (approx $1200 just for rent) and more. My hope is that we blow the goal out of the water though and maybe even double or triple it because i would love for this family to know they are covered whether it takes several months to get back home or even more than a year.

Thank you in advance to those who donate and share this cause with your friends, family, classmates, churches, mosques, synagogues & more. Your contributions are genuinely and sincerely appreciated.

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