December 10, 2023

Video of last Saturday October 8th, shows officers initially refused to allow the family of Jaheim McMillan in to see him in the hospital just two days after he was handcuffed after being shot in the head by Gulfport Police. One officer even goes so far as to tell Jaheim’s mother, Katrina, that Jaheim is dead. In the video, he attempts to walk this affirmative statement back when he appears to realize that this is not information he has the medical knowledge nor the authority to relay. It is very frustrating to see a mother like a criminal as her son lays there fighting for his life.

In the second video (the above video contains 2 videos) with approximately 5-10 seconds left you can hear what sounds like someone say to the family as they walk into the hospital “Welcome to Hell.” Zayona Mateen- a relative of Jaheim- can be heard asking if she heard someone actually say that to them.

Another video which can be critical to the case surfaced, in which a woman shares with the family that she saw what occurred. “I saw the cop shoot the guy (Jaheim). I did not see a gun on him. He was coming out of the store with his hands up.”

According to reports, Jaheim’s mother Katrina Mateen has shared that since the incident several police vehicles have passed her residence flashing blue lights.

The Gulf Coast community is showing up in protest outside the police station to demand answers. Two other teenagers have been charged with Aggravated Assault, a highly questionable charge based on the account that has been shared by the police department so far. At this time no Bodycam, surveillance, or patrol vehicle footage has been made publicly available, but we will continue to work to find answers.

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