September 28, 2023

For the last week and a half a story that has gone under the radar as a result of the stories dominating the news cycle – Black students at Ole Miss have been experiencing racism that feels like it’s right out of the era of James Meredith.

Unfortunately, in the year 2019 the students are having to be warned to steer clear of certain areas on campus because of a white supremacist group that planned to be on campus for a demonstration seemingly upset about something dealing with the Confederacy. Additionally, despite most schools having a no guns on campus policy, Ole Miss modified their policies recently to allow guns on campus. And the Confederate sympathizers are bringing their weapons to protest … whatever the hell it is they are protesting.

Basketball players for the Ole Miss Men’s Basketball team did not remain silent in protest. As the Star Spangled played at least 5 of the young men, all black took knees and some of the others placed hands upon their shoulders.


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