December 9, 2023
You’re in your new spot and want to make it your own but don’t want to do anything that will risk your security deposit. We got you!

You’re in your new spot and want to make it your own. Those off white walls are just not doing it for you but you don’t want to do anything to risk your security deposit. We got you!

Here are 4 renter friendly tips to make your new space feel like home.

Before we dive in, be sure to remember that you’re paying good money every single month for your space. Whether you’re there for 6 months or 6 years, don’t be afraid to personalize your home.

When in doubt, reach out to your landlord or property manager before making an alternation. Most of the time they’re completely fine with updates especially when it increases the value of their property. Now on to the goods…

1. Wall color and Wallpaper

Unless your lease explicitly says you can’t paint, updating the wall color is a low cost/ high impact way of personalizing your new spot. If you’re a renter, most leases have a provision that the space has to be returned exactly how it was rented to you and yes, it’ll take some effort to paint it back to that ugly beige color it was when you first got it but please…don’t let that stop you.

#BWNCHome Alternative:

Alright…we get it. Painting sounds like a lot. Spice things up by adding color to your furniture. Whether it’s painting the legs of the stools in your kitchen or painting the bottom have of desk, the immediate change you’ll see from adding color is worth it.
*Be sure to use Clare paint for all of your painting needs. It’s Black-owned!

2. Add art to your walls

Whether it’s from a big box store or a piece you’ve commissioned, statement art is a great way to make home yours. Investing in art will not only elevate your space but an original piece will appreciate and increase in value.

#BWNCHome Alternative: IG is a great place to find reasonably priced pieces from emerging Black talent.

3. Want to help keep your floors clean? Use a decorative crate at the front door so you and your guests can store your shoes when you get in the house

#BWNCHome Alternative: If you have the space, use an entry bench with underside storage to keep your shoes organized.

Is your home still empty? Take your time. No one that cares will judge you.

4. Avoid buying every single piece of furniture when you first move in. You saw your fave on social media with a house full of items you like and now you want it all. Don’t do it! Wait a while and let your space tell you exactly what it needs.

#BWNCHome Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed by an empty space. Start with an overall idea and tie it together one room at a time.

Be sure to post tag your home updates with #BWNCHome so we can see how you decorate your space.

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