September 25, 2023

With the new Arizona law that makes it illegal to film police officers within 8ft, observers, activists, and organizers who risk their lives and freedom to document injustice by capturing video and photographing police procedures will need to use ingenuity and technology to continue their efforts. In our current social climate, Social Justice Warriors must be outfitted with the latest technology and gear to document situations in real-time. Here are some essentials that are on sale during Amazon Prime Day.

GoPro Hero 8

GoPro Hero8- GoPro is known for its small, agile, and versatile cameras. The Hero8 comes from the long line of GoPro Heros, is battery powered, and has an array of accessories that makes it movement ready. The Hero8 can be attached to clothing items or mounted to existing gear to make it an innovative tool for documenting rallies, protests, and direct actions.

DJI-Mini 2 Fly

Dj Mini 2 Fly Drone – as with GoPro cameras, Drones are another essential piece of equipment for creating accountable moments and observing occupying forces from a distance. We like the Dj Mini 2 Fly drone because of its size, battery options, and ease of use. 

Tile Item Finders

Tile Item Finders – These little things are clutch, especially if you’re like me and tend to misplace stuff like my keys and the remote. However, Tiles are also an essential item people should bring to rallies, protests, and direct actions. If possible, sew or affix the tiles to your clothing item in a way that is not visible or can be easily removed. Make sure a friend or loved one has access to the app and your tile so you can be located in case you lose your phone and can’t be found. 

Shure Smartphone Condenser Mic

Shure Smartphone flexible condenser mic – Having a smartphone and using the built-in microphone in most situations is okay. However, certain conditions, such as speeches, chants, and greater production levels, will need an external smartphone mic. Shure has an excellent product reputation, and this condenser mic is no different.  

Celestron Binoculars

Binoculars. See them before they see you. Do we need to say more? We like these made by Celestron. 

Celestron Binoculars Smartphone adapter

Take your binoculars to the next level! This Celestron smartphone adapter lets you combine your smartphone with your binoculars or viewfinder. This would come in handy in places like Arizona, where they’re trying to make it impossible to film police injustice. This adapter can be used well beyond 8ft and still capture every detail.

Disclaimer: Black With No Chaser is a Amazon Market Place Affiliate.

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