September 30, 2023

Ok I just want to rant for a minute. Hopefully y’all don’t get lost in the Meme even though it’s funny as fuck…. 

“He’s Mine” the song from MoKenStef in the 1990s gotta be a top 2 all time stupid song lyrically and situationally… I mean the lyrics went something like: 

Chorus: “He’s Mine… You may have got him once but I got him all the time.” 

Now that don’t make no damn sense.

First of all… How? How you got him “all the time” if she got him once? Annnnnd also… is that really your winning argument? It’s like along the same lines as – “Ok you whooped my ass… And?” Well “And I’ll whoop yo ass again…” is probably the likely response. And what can you as the person that got ya ass whopped say other than that? 

But wait there’s more… the very first line of the first verse goes…

“He might be Doing you… but he’s thinking about me…” 🤨… 👏🏾how 👏🏾you 👏🏾gone 👏🏾make👏🏾the 👏🏾person 👏🏾getting👏🏾they👏🏾back👏🏾blowed 👏🏾out👏🏾jealous 👏🏾with👏🏾thoughts👏🏾🗣SUHHHHH? I’m trying to understand how? That’s like saying “you might be eating my food… but i still paid for it.” 🤔😕 SUHHHH you not winning this argument right now.

Mokenstef- He's Mine

And then… she says “I got ALL his love baby don’t try to take it. You wanted a piece you were mistaken. I’m tellin you something that just ain’t cool… never fall in love with a man who don’t love you.” Look, first of all you ain’t the best person to be giving relationship advice… but since you giving advice… take… yo own… advice… cause despite the other dumb shit you have said thus far… that was good advice… FOR YOU! 

In Conclusion… why is you arguing with the side PEA, Suh? If y’all don’t jump this nigga together… and put doo doo in his shoes… while you up here sounding like a gah damn fool… 

Dear anybody that’s reading, don’t be Like The Girls in the “He’s Mine” song… there’s no way anybody is winning shit in that situation except the guy that gets to continually smash both they competitive asses… At least at a competition you get something of value… y’all fighting over nothing 🤫. And that is my revelation from childhood.

Seriously though the ladies, Monifa, Kenya and Stefanie were beautiful young women and that song was a bop… even if the shit didn’t make no damn sense. (photo via Spotify).

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