December 9, 2023
Join The Black Lunch Break every weekday at Noon and catch #SAGINGwithSIKA between show segments

The Black Lunch Break is a talk show that Black With No Chaser host every weekday at noon with the crew and DJ George Chuck. The crew invites all guest from all ranges of life with one thing in common, BLACKNESS, and there is no topic the crew will shy away from. The show is completely unapologetic and served with NO CHASER at all.

To clear the air between segments and as the featured guest transitions out of the interview, the crew has a moment dedicated to clearing the air and it is conducted by cast member and BlackWithNoChaserME Director, SIKA. We are getting caught up on all the lessons being taught during the Saging moment and SIKA is providing playback for the audience every Friday.

Enjoy the following sage moments that you may have missed! All episodes are available for replay on The Black With No Chaser Facebook page and please tune into our show and bring a friend or two with you when you do. See you for lunch where you can come Break bread with your people, unapologetically. Your blackness is safe here!

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