May 29, 2023

Employees of Angry Orchard, a brand under Samuel Adams, wave good bye to Dr. Marie Cleone after racially profiling her and 6 other friends while visiting Angry Orchards' establishment.

"Angry Orchard, if you don't want Black People buying your product or frequenting your establishment, then maybe put a sign on the door so we know we are not welcome." -Dr. Cleone

“Security started taking our pictures, recording video, and took a picture of my license plate.” – Dr. Cleone

Indulge with me for a second while I run through racial profiling at its finest at one of America’s more well-known brewing companies. I’m alluding to Angry Orchards, a brand under Samuel Adams, located in Walden, NY. Now, what I’m about to reveal has been originally reported and published by Dr. Cleone’s on her Facebook page.

Here’s what we know about the alleged discriminatory acts and racial profiling conducted by Angry Orchard employees.

July 21, 2019 will be a date and time Dr. Cleone, her fiance, and six other friends will never forget for all the wrong reasons. According to Dr. Cleone’s post, the fun-filled weekend was a designated celebration for her fiance’s 40th birthday. (Happy birthday, brother!) At the time, she had no idea he was going to propose to her while they were celebrating him. Unfortunately for them the notion of “living their best lives” came crumbling down.

After leaving Carrol Place NYC in Manhattan for brunch, the two love birds along with their six friends drove ninety minutes north to Walden, NY where Angry Orchards is located to “enjoy some hard cider.” Upon arrival Dr. Cleone’s boyfriend at the time grabbed them a table by themselves to give him some alone time to pop the question. Before they could sit down, security interrupted them accusing her boyfriend of “pocketing” an Angry Orchard t-shirt.

Let me pause there for a brief moment and ask, “An Angry Orchard t-shirt? Really?” Listen, in my humble opinion, nobody in the history of Blackness would buy let alone steal a sorry Angry Orchards t-shirt. Back to the story.

“Angry Orchard, if you don’t want Black People buying your product or frequenting your establishment, then maybe put a sign on the door so we know we are not welcome.” -Dr. Cleone

Because this brother has no reason to hide anything from security, he obliges the security guard by emptying out his pockets while failing to conceal the engagement ring. To no surprise, there was no t-shirt, stolen or otherwise, found in his pocket.

Ok. Ok. Ok. I have to pause again. Who has enough room for a t-shirt to fit ever so snuggly and inconspicuously in their pocket? Maybe in the 90s or early 2000s back when Juvenile had folk throwing up their soldier rags and Master P had the nation saying “Ughh” but not tuh-day, Patty.

Add it to the list #ProposingWhileBlack

The proposal ensued. And so while this brother was in “MID proposal,” Patty received more intel from the “best security in the world” informing her that Dr. Cleone’s boyfriend actually put it in her bag. I’m assuming she had clutch or something on her because she reported in her Facebook post that “[the] bag isn’t even large enough to fit a t-shirt.” Shocking! But because Dr. Cleone and her boyfriend were so polite and it was the second time she brought her rear end over there to interrupt their moment, she dumped all her belongings out to show the Patty that #ProposingWhileBlack is not a crime. Alas, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the boyfriend popped the question. (Congrats!!!!) #BlackLove.

Even that wasn’t enough. By this time, the friends have come over to congratulate the couple; however, as racism would have it, security pressed on alleging footage shown someone in the group had stolen that sorry, vanilla $28 Angry Orchard t-shirt. Let me say it again, “Nobody. Wants. Your. Shirt. Periodt!” They even threatened to call the police before chasing these innocent Black people off of their property. I’m sorry that their engagement started and ended that way.

“I love hard cider but Angry Orchards will never touch these lips again.” – Dr. Cleone

On behalf of myself and BWNC, I assure you we will not be purchasing another Angry Orchard, Samual Adams, or any other brand falling under Samuel Adams. We also ask that this story be shared widely so people know and appreciate the type of people being employed by this company. By the way, thanks for showing your racism card. It makes it a little easier to choose a hard cider at the store. #Holla

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