November 30, 2023
SC teen arrested, charged and expelled for publishing a video of him shooting a Jordan box representing Black people.

White supremacists come in all shapes, sizes and ages. This one happens to be 16-years-old from South Carolina. Some time last month, Parker Mustian was arrested and charged with “making student threats” for publishing a series videos in May titled “Public Service Announcements.” After he was expelled from Cardinal Newman, a private Catholic school, he threatened to shoot up his school because his entitled nature wouldn’t allow him to go quietly back to racist fox hole. By the grace of God, authorities got to him first before he could harm anyone. Check out his opening line to his video.

“Hi. I’m Parker Mustian, and I hate Black people,” is his opening line in this video.

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . We don’t like you and anyone else out there subscribing to the same hate as you. Racists are going to learn that you cannot parade around your hate thinking nothing is going to come of it. One thing is for sure: video games did not fill his heart with hate. That’s practiced at home.

WARNING: The content of this video is GRAPHIC and VIOLENT.

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