Snoop Dogg And The Misogyn-ets Who Agree With Him F*cked It Up For Everybody

If there was ever a picture of “I wish this knacker would STFU,” it would be a picture of Snoop Dogg.

When the Gayle King interview with Lisa Leslie hit the social media-verse, it became clear from the jump that a lot of people would not agree with Gayle’s line of questioning about Kobe Bryant’s past rape allegation. From then, a semi firestorm erupted. But this firestorm was nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone on social media tends to overreact. This slight overreaction came attached with a few funny memes, including memes making fun of Gayle’s wig, which looked like it was fresh out of the Tyler Perry Studios Cosmetology School of Wigs and Witchcraft.

A few overreactions and a few funny memes. Seemed simple enough, right? Well, it was, until Snoop Dogg had to mosey his Skeletor from He-Man with a hair wrap looking ass into the conversation.

We made this same “TF you want” look when Snoop entered the fray.

Snoop Dogg is the Drug Dealer Uncle who never went to jail because he wasn’t very successful at dealing drugs simply due to him eventually using the drugs. After several stints in rehab, he comes to the house for Thanksgiving, and you can tell he’s back using almost immediately when he starts spewing hateful nonsense at the dinner table, followed by your kids asking, “What’s wrong with Uncle Snoop?” And you got to lie by replying, “Oh, he didn’t take his medicine. Now sit down and eat before your food gets cold.”

After Snoop Dogg called Gayle King a “Funky Dog Head B*tch,” we basically had to tell our kids to go sit down and eat before their food gets cold.

And of course by calling her one of the most misogynistic names I can personally think of, Calvin Broadus and the online minions who agreed with this dumbass aka the misogyn-ets, fucked up a harmless disagreement with petty memes embedded in that disagreement. Believe it or not, there are those who genuinely and respectfully disagreed with how Gayle King approached the interview. In the interview clip, that was posted by CBS as click/watch bait, Gayle King questioned Lisa Leslie, a very good friend of Kobe Bryant and a basketball legend in her own right, about Kobe’s past rape allegation in 2004. When Lisa Leslie responded to Gayle’s first attempt to bring up Kobe’s rape allegation, she spoke from a personal view point, stating that, “he was never like that.”

Now, people, including Gayle in the clip, would argue that Lisa Leslie, even though she was a great friend and like a sister to Kobe, would never truly know what “Kobe was like” at all times, because as his friend, she wouldn’t be privy to that other side of Kobe. And that is true. This response doesn’t really answer anything, but it does get to the heart of who Kobe was to Lisa Leslie. And from Gayle’s point of view, considering that she is interviewing Lisa Leslie, that would seem to be enough, but she dug in. And even when Gayle made the follow up statements after Lisa Leslie answered the original question, Gayle looked uncomfortable, almost as if she didn’t want to talk about it, herself. Maybe it was the direction of the network to keep digging into the rape allegation, hence why that is the clip they decided to highlight. But from my perspective, there was little justification to bring up such a sensitive issue with a close and personal friend of Kobe’s, especially Lisa Leslie, who was like a sister to Kobe. Why? What did she expect to get out of her? It seemed like Gayle (Again, maybe through the direction of the network) was searching for a #MeToo hardball while interviewing a woman.

But I also understand that this was a journalist interviewing a person. And Gayle King is one of the greatest journalist alive, today. So, should we really expect a journalist not to, well, journalist? But again, why are we so upset? Gayle has been apologetic and stated that the clip CBS posted was “salacious” and “out of context.”

Whether you agree with Gayle’s line of questioning or not, it gives you no right to spew hateful ass language at a black woman on the white man’s internet. The audacity some of you knackers, especially Snoop Dogg, is laughable. Here is Snoop Dogg, who has glorified the profession of actual pimping for as long as I can remember, decided to enter the fray, as he continuously attempts to stay relevant.

I mean, when is the last time you heard, “Yo, put on that new Snoop.”

Snoop Dogg continued his desire to stay relevant with a handful of hateful follow up posts, including a “Free Bill Cosby” posts. Now, I didn’t know Kobe. I never got the opportunity to meet him, let alone hang out with him or have a conversation with him, but I am 100% sure when he was seconds away from crossing over White Jesus, he stumbled and lost the ball after being alerted that Snoop Dogg called to free Bill Cosby in his honor. And after that, well of course the misogyn-ets and the rape apologists continued their “Free Bill Cosby” campaign. A campaign that was going through rigor mortis until Snoop Dogg revived it back to life.

Bill fucking Cosby..

When Bill Cosby enters the chat, that’s how you know it’s about to be a bad day for everyone involved. Luckily for us, Susan Rice brought some balance to the force.

Some of you knackers are more upset at Gayle King than the white woman who called these knackers, knackers.

And this concludes my Petty Ted Talk.

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