Somebody mute Kanye please

If it wasn’t for gospel music I wouldn’t have graduated from high school. Let me explain. As an adult, I now know that I’ve suffered from ADHD for most of my life. I learned certain hacks to help me get by along the way, one of those hacks is listening to music to help me concentrate, more specifically, gospel music. I’ve also sung in church choirs most of my childhood, however, it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I actually listened to the words and allowed them to penetrate my heart and mind. Nowadays 9 times out of 10; I’m probably listening to gospel music before anything else. I also discovered it helps me with my temper. Nobody wants to deal with my temper, not even me. Thank God for gospel music! Now that I’ve established myself as a Holy Ghost music connoisseur (I just googled how to spell that), let me tell you why Kanye’s newfound or renewed faith and subsequent gospel album is trash.

I get it, no sin is greater than the next, and judging as I am currently doing is a sin all within itself, but…… through the Blood redemption is available for us all….. I’m just not so sure how rapping about bleaching assholes on Monday can prepare you for worship service on Sunday, let alone making worship music. To be fair, I know many of mainstream gospel singers are still works in progress as well, and if folks only knew what I did on some Saturday nights before taking myself to church the next day, y’all would see that I don’t have much room, if any, to talk. 

Now, I don’t think there should be qualifiers for who gets to make or sing gospel music. Well, I take that back, if you ain’t spent half a day on the side of the road due to your church’s old ass church bus breaking down on the way to a 5 day revival at your sister church, IMO you aint ready for that life. I digress, Snoop Dogg actually has one of the best gospel albums of the last decade, and Snoop has been in girls gone wild videos and hangs with pastor pimps. However, Snoop solicited actual gospel singers and choirs to sing on his album. Not Yeesus, no this knee-grow wants to sing himself. My main issue with Kanye’s new music is that it’s just plain bad. Like it has no lyrical content whatsoever, and who wants to hear him sing the same four words over and over again in autotune to subpar beats and over-processed old school gospel music samples? His whole concept is just plain lazy. Are we supposed to clap and cheer for him like we do the little kid screeching Jesus is on the mainline, who can’t sing a note to save his life but is the grandson of the church organist who makes him sing in the choir?

I can’t do it y’all, I just can’t. 

I’m thoroughly convinced Ye is worshiping this version of jesus, cause Black Jesus would have told him that’s not for him. Now because it’s Kanye’s album, they have integrated it into every blessed gospel playlist on Apple Music, Spotify, and of course Tidal, and that’s where they’ve gone too damn far. Kanye needs to take his vacation bible school level understanding ass to somebody’s church pew and have a seat. If you happen to take issue with my very biased, one sided, slightly hating opinion of Yeezus Crighst, ok, you can have a seat next to him, and as the good & cuntry folks say, have a “bless” day. 

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Tyson Jackson is obsessed with restoring Black people and the Black community to their original place of greatness as an human rights activist, organizer, and advocate. Suspended from school at least once a year from the third grade to his senior year in high school, as well as kicked out of every camp and after-school program, many counted him out. Tyson defies the odds daily making a difference in the lives of people who the system closes their doors on.

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