The Ahmaud Arbery Case….Where Do We Go From Here? (A Possible Solution)

As I sit here scrolling through the pages of my various social media feeds, I can’t help but to feel the sadness and anger associated with Black life in America. Although technically free, we are boxed in and beat down by the social and economic constraints of a system designed to rob us of our very essence. A system designed to rob us of our souls. Our blackness. Our right to just fucking be. We all have heard the stories. We all have seen the footage. We all have bore…

It’s Open Season on Black Bodies

Ahmaud Arbery isn’t the first Black person to be hunted down and killed by white terrorist. We know about Trayvon because of the 911 call, as we know about Ahmaud because of the subsequent video. However, I know with my entire being that so many more Black people who have been found shot dead with no murder suspects, where killed by white supremacist.