Black Communities Arrested by Environmental Racism: An overview of the waves of Revolution and Reconstruction in America

By I. Malik Saafir, President & CEO of The Southern Renaissance A panoramic view of environmental racism allows Black Americans to see their communities through seven lenses of justice: housing, education, employment, healthcare, recreation, and religion.   Environmental justice gives Americans a panoramic view of environmental racism from the perspective of Black Americans. The history of this kind of panoramic view of racism can be traced back to what I call the First Wave of the Civil Rights Movement, a time when Black Americans first experienced racism through the seven lenses…

Video: Rhythm + Flow Winner D Smoke Premiers his Newest offering with Anthem “Black Habits”

Netflix Rhythm + Flow contest winner D Smoke just dropped some heat for Black History Month! The Inglewood Native evokes a distinctively west coast vibe over a haunting track in an equally haunting video that manifests Django vibes as he sits atop a brown horse and spits from the soul. D Smoke is a bi-lingual musician with an impeccable flow and his ascension is no mistake. Take a listen to “Black Habits” and you’ll begin to understand why… whatever IT is… he has IT!

Cecil “F*ck Yo Fountain” Williams Is Black History

J, his name is Cecil J. Williams, and Cecil J. Williams is a Civil Rights pioneer. However, for the purpose of this write up, I’m going to, at times, refer to him as Cecil “Fuck Yo Fountain” Williams; “Fuck Yo Fountain” Williams; “Fuck Yo Fountain”; or Cecil. I like the name Cecil. If your name is Cecil, that let’s me know you with the shits. That let’s me know you are about that life. That let’s me know you have a proclivity for drinking ice cold, delicious water, generously seasoned…

10 Interior Designers You Should Know For Black History Month and Beyond

These incredibly talented designers work hard to curate homes, commercial spaces and production sites for their clients. From recommendations for Black owned paint companies, to bedding, accessories and more…these are your go to leaders in the design industry.