An Ode to Black Men

Truth is, I’ve been swagger jacking black men since conception. Every book you read and put down, I pick up. I linger in the memories left behind in the lasting fumes of your scent. Your sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and slides will always fit better and be more comfortable to relax in. My playlists beget your varying perspectives and tastes. Even when I prepare a hot meal for you, for some reason your food tastes better.

Plead Guilty and You’ll be Free from COVID-19 D.A. Asks

As an advocate, I support people and families going through the criminal justice system. Several advocates and organizers have sounded and continue to sound the alarm about the COVID-19 danger in the jail and prison system. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee and am a Co-founder of Community Defense of East Tennessee (CDET). CDET is a community group that supports and empowers families to actively participate in their defense. We have compiled a report “Give Me Liberty or Give Us COVID-19 Death” that demonstrates why the jail will be the next…