Drake Drops Freestyle over a Flipped Sample of Jay Z’s Iconic “Song Cry”

It’s late… I’m sleepy… but I wanted to get this to you. I’ll talk to y’all in the morning. Enjoy “when to say when” and “Chicago” freestyle. And https://soundcloud.com/octobersveryown

Court Orders An Expedited On Site Inspection of Parchman Prison for Roc Nation Attorneys

Via TeamRoc: The court “authorized expedited discovery in the form of an on-site inspection” at Parchman Prison; it is taking place today in Mississippi. The facilities, medical evaluations, and water and sewage tests will all be subject to scrupulous inspection by subject matter experts chosen by the legal team representing Parchman inmates. A record of the findings will be documented via photography at all stages of the inspection. Read the full orders here: Case: 4:20-cv-00007-DMB-JMV Doc #: 49 Case: 4:20-cv-00007-DMB-JMV Doc #: 48 Follow @teamroc for updates.

My Survival Story: Formerly Incarcerated in MDOC’s Hell, I Know The Reasons We Must Fight For Change

In 2012, despite the wonderful places I thought my life would go, I ended up in prison and how I got there is just as important as what I experienced, but that would require an entirely separate series of articles. Upon entering prison you realize a few things – that no one is safe, that your life no longer matters, and that no one can hear you scream. I entered on a hot day and smelled the feces and dirty bodies upon entering the zone. Temps in the summertime at…