An Ode to Black Men

Truth is, I’ve been swagger jacking black men since conception. Every book you read and put down, I pick up. I linger in the memories left behind in the lasting fumes of your scent. Your sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and slides will always fit better and be more comfortable to relax in. My playlists beget your varying perspectives and tastes. Even when I prepare a hot meal for you, for some reason your food tastes better.

Kobe’s Legacy Was Re-Litigated Long Before Gayle King

Kobe Bryant’s legacy is a fascinating one. Here is this person I rooted against, basketball wise, for most of his career, while venturing in different Facebook sports groups and barbershops, trying to convince Kobe fans why he was overrated during his playing career. And yes, it seems petty now. But trust me, it was petty at the time. But me and Petty are thicker than thieves, so I have no remorse about that. Kobe’s rape allegation obviously goes beyond basketball. At the time, it was a big deal, and followed…