Watch: Black With No Chaser CEO Describes Being Stopped, Detained & Unconstitutionally Searched by dog and Louisiana State Police

On Friday Feb. 21, 2020 I got Stopped, Profiled, detained for an hour, searched by dogs & had my rental car searched by Louisiana State Police. I’m alive but I know that I am not ok. I haven’t slept well & think about it daily. Here is video of me recounting the incident

Trigger Happy Becky’s Guilty White Tears Ain’t Enough

Botham Jean was the perfect nigga. He was an educated, well-mannered, well-dressed black man without a Jaywalking citation attached to his name. And even though the media and white America, in general, searched high and low for imperfections, none were found. (And yes, I know they tried to cite and focus on less than an ounce of weed found in his apartment as a flaw, but that is not a fucking flaw. If anything, it’s a positive, but I digress) No flaws were found because Botham Jean knew that any…