Tupac’s Middle Finger To American Racism Will Forever Be His Lasting Legacy

The older I become, the harder it is to defend Tupac Amaru Shakur as the greatest RAPPER of all time. If one goes by pure rap/lyrics, its difficult to make an argument that puts him above Big, Hov, Nas, Black Thought, Talib, Mos Def, or Andre 3000. The older we become, the more appreciation we have for not only what was said, BUT how it was said, and we tend to measure the complexities of both the what and how. So yes, recycling, “Being buried in the cemetery while I…

Video: Rhythm + Flow Winner D Smoke Premiers his Newest offering with Anthem “Black Habits”

Netflix Rhythm + Flow contest winner D Smoke just dropped some heat for Black History Month! The Inglewood Native evokes a distinctively west coast vibe over a haunting track in an equally haunting video that manifests Django vibes as he sits atop a brown horse and spits from the soul. D Smoke is a bi-lingual musician with an impeccable flow and his ascension is no mistake. Take a listen to “Black Habits” and you’ll begin to understand why… whatever IT is… he has IT!