On their 15th Anniversary, FAMU Deltas Honor The Memory of Their Beloved Linesister in an Incredibly Touching Tribute

The image came across my timeline, a photograph of a group of beautiful black women somewhere in what appeared to be a desert all dressed in white with camels both kneeling and standing around them. There was an undeniable regalness to the image – I was in the presence of black royalty. At first glance, I thought that I had seen an image like this many times before– of beautiful black professional millennial women gathering together abroad to celebrate life; but, the more I observed the picture the more something…

Your Daily Shot: 5 Things You Need To Know On McConnell, Tropical Storm Erick and, Festival Shooting and More

Much has happened over the weekend. Let’s see if we can catch you up with Your Daily Shot. From Sen. Mitch McConnell taking lobbyist dollars from a voting machine company before blocking election security bills to Tropical Storms Erick and Flossie approaching hurricane status.