September 30, 2023
#TaisRandomAssScienceFacts #TaiScience

In #TaisRandomScienceFacts and #Sciencehumor news…. 😂😂😂

*I’ll probably have to explain this one so this may be a wasted joke but here goes nothing*

Ok so….this is basically similar to how easily a person can fall for another person they’re attracted to. The classic battle of the brain vs. the heart.

On the left is francium (Fr), which has a single valence (or outer) electron. On the right is fluorine (F), and it has seven of eight maximum valence electrons.

Fluorine is super reactive for this reason. It looks to bond with any spare electron it can, and atoms with single outer electrons are most likely to be “stolen,” especially an atom like francium.

So (Fr) is like the single Brutha/Sister who loves the Lord and would probably do right. But Naaaaa yall heiffa waynches (heiffa waynch is not gender specific) see (F) has a ring on. The ring makes (F) so reactive that all the garden tools (garden tools/heauxs same difference) flock to it.🥴

(F) is high key married and trifling. Would blow whichever way the wind blows. Mr. Steal yo’ girl.

Francium (Fr) is also very unstable, which also makes it even more funny..😂

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