December 10, 2023



What can I say? There’s always one and soon others will follow suit. Texas is and has been on a MF roll and is definitely with the sh*ts! From voting rights to continuing to police a woman’s uterus, Texas clearly wants ALL the smoke. I mean legit, when Southlake has an entire specialty podcast dedicated to the shenanigous racist behavior going down in their town, you know its Michael Jackson “Bad.”

Over the last month or so, our good guvna’ has implemented several pieces of legislation that really has gotten the people going and not in a good way. I’m not gonna hold you, this list is STUPID! So, let’s get into it.

Abortion bill – Topping the list is the infamous abortion bill. Talk about a hot girl summer. One thing for certain is a lot of women may be hot, but for all the wrong reasons. In 2021, we are still dealing with older white males policing our reproductive systems. The “near-total” abortion ban prohibits abortions at about six weeks from the patient’s last menses. Anyone who performs or assists a patient in obtaining an abortion after this time period can be sued by damn near anybody. The law essentially empowers, protects, and encourages plaintiffs to sue while leaving defendants to fend for themselves by laying the burden of proof at their feet, allowing defendants to be dragged into court multiple times, and removing their ability to recoup any legal fees. The Right has finally implemented a loophole that circumvents Roe v. Wade. To learn more about the new abortion law or conduct your own research, start here.

Bonus sh*t – And just when you thought it was safe and you’d just rely HEAVILY on Plan B, you know for those of us who may not be managing our freaky responsibly, they have taken it a step further by banning abortion inducing drugs. Yep, you read that right. After seven short weeks, it is prohibited to use drugs like Plan B. The law will also result in a state-level felony if a provider gives someone these drugs knowing they intend to use it for abortion purposes without conducting an in-person exam.

Critical Race Theory – Yes, white privilege has prevailed yet again to ease the discomfort of those staring the ugly truth of racism in its face. The argument stems from conservatives who say teachers are indoctrinating students by teaching them that white people are at fault for America’s wrongs (e.g. slavery) and distorting the reputations of the founding fathers, pssshhh. Again, a hit dog will holler. Under a new law, teachers will not be allowed to discuss current events (e.g. George Floyd murder) and students will no longer receive credit for participating in civic activities. To see just how ridiculous all of this is, go to the following link.

Social Media Censorship – In an effort to let vitriol ring and spew hatred across the interwebs, House Bill 20 was passed. The argument here is more of the same asinine tom-foolery, we aren’t being treated fairly on social media blah, blah, blah, so when all else fails, just pass a law that will prevent social media platforms with 50 million users or more from censoring users simply based on their political views, #fakenews or not. If you’re feeling inclined to do so, you can check out the bill in its entirety here.

Virtual learning – I’m telling you Texas NEVER stops with the sh*ts! After deciding to mandate that requiring masks in public spaces was prohibited. With the rise in cases due to COVID variants and the lack of a vaccine for children 12 and under, many districts were forced to offer a virtual learning option funded or not. Texas lawmakers decided to address the issue because of the new wave of COVID cases. But get this, while lawmakers said okay fine, we’ll allow virtual, but not for schools where students did not pass the god-awful STAAR exams; safety be damned. Students must also have earned a grade of C or better in their foundational courses and had less than 10% of unexcused absences. BWAHAHAHA!!! Legit, it’s so obvious all you can do is laugh at the blatant racism. Almost 40% of students who are mostly black, and brown will be left out of the virtual option. Talk about disproportionate impact. Senate Bill 15 will fund virtual learning through the beginning of the following school year, September 2023.

The Damn Wall – Finally, the legislature approved $1.8 billion to build a wall along the southern border between Texas and Mexico. Here is what Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound said regarding the wall, “For months, we have heard about the horrors faced by those making their journey north, about crime and drugs pouring into our communities, about human trafficking and the spread of [COVID-19]. We have pleaded with the federal government to act, and they are not listening.” I simply CANNOT! Yet, I am not surprised. To learn more about House Bill 9 you can go here.

Welp, I’ve laid out five reasons why you probably shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to move to Texas, but these were just the highlights. There are other pieces of legislation that were passed and others that failed but will undoubtedly make their way back around in the next legislative session. Bottom line, no one is safe, and we should ALL remain vigilant and focused. All of this happened right underneath our eyes and while the House Democrats attempted to thwart some of these efforts, it just wasn’t enough. This is just some of the mess that is going on in my neck of the woods, but I’d urge anyone to conduct their own research and find out what bs has been passed in your respective state because literally the rug is being pulled from underneath us and before we know it we will have regressed further back than we could’ve ever imagined. When we say, “stay woke,” it’s not just trendy, it requires all of us to pick up the torch and do the work.

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