The Kings of the Ring Are Back….Sort Of

Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any wilder….

On Thursday, the news broke that 54 year old Mike Tyson would be ending his 15 year retirement by stepping into the ring with 51 year old “I smoke, I drank, I’m supposed to stop, but I can’t” Roy Jones Jr., in an eight round exhibition fight on September 12. The fight will be held at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Listen. I’m all for people doing what they want in life and enjoying themselves. And as a fan of not only the sport of boxing, but of both participants, a big part of me is really excited to see this happen. After months of seeing Tyson train and beating the dog shit out of the heavy bag and his trainer’s mitts, the nostalgia I felt while watching him, made me want to see him in the ring again doing what he does best. But, reality is a motherfu….something else. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea for any 50 year old to step in the boxing ring, let alone two of them, for any competitive match. But if this is just some exhibition for charity or a fluff fight to promote something else, I’m good with that. In fact, this “fight”, according to a press release Wednesday, is part of the promotion for Mike’s latest venture, “Mike Tyson’s Legends Only League, a next-generation sports venture that provides full support and infrastructure to the world’s greatest athletes, bringing the best of the best back to the ring, onto the court, and back on the field. The league will span live sporting events including tennis, basketball, boxing, and more.” Aight bet.

This fight will be sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission, with a couple of caveats that neither fighter is used to. One, they will wear 12 ounce gloves, and head gear may or may not be involved. And two, both fighters can’t fight to intentionally knock each other TF out. As a matter of fact, on a Zoom call with Andy Foster, the executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, both fighters promised as such. And to that I call bullshit. HAVE YOU SEEN MIKE’S TRAINING VIDEOS? Have you heard Mike talk about the feelings and shit he has been dealing with? At some point, for both of them, that cordial shit will get tossed out faster than the “I need to speak to a manager” by an irate Karen, and they will revert back to their nature. Again, HAVE YOU SEEN TYSON TRAINING? If not, here you go…..

Now does this look like someone who is going to chill and take it easy on you when it’s go time? I think TF not. Promises be damned, they both will do what they do, when they are in their element. But let’s be real here, one doesn’t look to be on the same plane as the other. And as much as I love and respect Roy, he is in my top 3 all time favorites, I just don’t think this is the move for him. But, we shall see. Even though Jones last fought back in 2018 and Tyson last fought back when I had a hairline, alot of people, myself included, will be tuned in to see whatever this turns out to be. And with the attention Tyson has grabbed these last few months, and the weight both names still carry in the sport, I’m sure the PPV numbers as well as the pirated sites streaming this, will be fairly high. After all, nostalgia, like reality, is a motherfu….something else. In the end, I hope both men walk out of that ring safe, paid and intact. Who do you have taking this fight? I say Tyson in fo’.

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