December 9, 2023

Rosewood $wing is an artist that has made waves in the independent music industry. Whether he was flexing his skills on the mic or behind the lens; the young creative puts his all into perfecting his crafts. 

Hailing from Jackson, MS but currently based in Denver, Colorado, his style can be described as mellow lyricism and witty wordplay with a pinch of consciousness for good measure. 

His relaxed flow and versatile beat choices come together in a cohesive collaboration.

His 2014 debut release Vegas16, named after Sony’s video editing software, was a sleeper success. The single “Life On The Axis” and it’s video caught the attention of; before making its rounds on several other culture blogs, including The Hood Hippie. 

The success of the single coupled with the visual for the posse cut “Angel Eyes”; made $wing and company an underground mainstay amongst digital crate digging hip hop heads.

Rosewood Swing - Life On The Axis [Official Video]
Rosewood Swing - Angel Eyez (feat. Johnny Lovely & Sensay Versetti)

Rosewood didn’t ride this wave of acclaim, instead, he switched gears and began focusing on building his resume’ as a director by shooting videos for other independent artists. He also produced promo videos for artists such as Young Dolph when they had performances in his hometown. From there, he went on to working as a production assistant for Dej Loaf.

RosewoodFilm - Summer Compilation 2016

In 2016, he released the follow up to Vegas16, Reflective3M, and the single 4946. The latter went on to gain a substantial buzz among the Soundcloud crowd, amassing over 22,000 listens. The flip of Jodeci’s “My Heart Belongs To You” coupled with a smooth chorus and some melodic verses seemed like a natural fit. The bars blended with the ballads to great results.

His latest project How Limewire Killed The Radio” offers plenty of catchy chill flows, effortless wordplay, and curated production. 

The opening track “Downtown Vegas” features a jazzy beat with Rosewood gliding effortlessly, switching his flow up throughout the song. It’s a perfect introduction to the artist for newcomers and a sign that the sword is still sharp to those returning. 

Despite the familiarity of the first track, On HLKTR, the Boss Playa gets more experimental than he has on past projects. 

There are several new sonics in play, including dreamy and crunchy rock guitars on “2 AM Freestyle”, harmonizing/crooning vocals on several tracks but most notably on “Violent Crimes”, and he continues his penchant for flipping R&B tracks on “He’s High”, “Came Up”, and “Summer Walker Freestyle”.

Rosewood Latest Visuals

The experimentation paid off in many aspects. With extra refinement and more time to live with the tracks; there is potential for some truly great creations going forward. Rosewood definitely stepped outside of his comfort zone to produce something that was more than showing his proficiency as a wordsmith.

The past 3 years I really just been trying to balance out taking care of my responsibilities in the real world and figuring out how to maintain my career as an aspiring artist. I began experimenting with new sounds such as sampling, harmonizing, and other relevant sounds outside of my original lyricism.

I also strayed away from writing and embraced punching in my bars, which gives me leeway to be more creative with my lines. This is something I experimented with on “Stranded on One Life”, “Lately”, and “Downtown Vegas”.

The concept behind HLKTR was simply to experiment with the new sounds I started taking up since I took n hiatus and find out what my core fan base liked the most. My goal was just to make a playlist that was concise enough to be played through with no skips”.

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