October 1, 2023

“If you don’t like it here, leave.”

How do they even form their mouths to say that?

“I’m sick of seeing these people and their rights!”

“What about my rights?”

“All Lives Matter.”

Nah Karl, Karen, apparently they don’t until our black asses matter! We happen to be LIVES!

How entitled do you have to be to not want ANYONE to have rights but you? Our people have never had shyt and yet have had everything stolen. STOLEN. Our ancestors, our inventions, our science, our style, hell, even our melanin is being harvested for them to inject to be darker. STOLEN! We have never demanded that our culture be respected and demanded it until we reached the goal. We are being controlled by people who do not look like us and hate what we are.

In 2020 the pot has boiled over. We are protesting these racist police murdering unarmed civilians. We are voting to take down a racist state flag and monuments (like, black people live in these states… how disrespectful do you have to be)!?

We are rallying in the streets and you would swear someone is herding them into concentration camps!!! These people are nutts! They say racism and extreme religious beliefs are a sign of a low IQ… I’m just saying, #dontkillthemessenger

We aren’t even in a white versus black situation.

They are definitely using Democrat as the N-Word and Liberals as N-Word lovers…

How can you literally have access to everything but want no one else to survive? How can you celebrate someone’s death & constant struggles? How can you use their weaknesses or even natural attributes against them? How can you martyr their murderers and oppressors?

Do they really want us to continue to live and feel like we don’t have a culture? Do they really want to keep us suffering from a pain they have never felt? They want us to settle for what they give us and not fight for the right to build and develop our own with access to free trade and resources. They really want us to sit back as they make who we are, our culture, and our expression, criminal. Want to deny us because of our hair. Want to deny us because we say no. Want to deny us because we understand and will not pretend not to. Want to deny us because we do not believe their lies. Want to deny us because we are righteous.

They had it good. They did us really bad. They tortured us. They falsely accused us. They put us in poverty. We were never given reparations. They do not care that we have been abused by this country. They do not care that we suffer from generations of our people not having access to quality food, environments, or health care. The rule of supremacy is 10% of the oppressed have the ability to convey the illusion of equality. So, they choose who can be wealthy in their systems (who can act right) and everyone else is supposed to change or die.

We are the first free generation. We are FREE. And if you deny us, “rioting is the language of the unheard”. -MLK Jr

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