November 30, 2023
Thinx period panties didn't work well for me as a Black woman with fibroids. Check out my experience.

I heard about Thinx a few years ago. They were touted as the period panties that change the game for those of us who suffer menstrual cycles. My curiosity was piqued; however, after checking the website, I was leery about spending that kind of coin on an experiment. This year one of my besties encouraged me to try them. She knows my personal woes with my cycle. I have fibroids, which is very common for Black women. As a result, my cycles are heavy… brutally so… murder scene so. I’ve had to stop using everything except pads, which I abhor, because my flow is so heavy. While I am trying natural remedies to reduce my fibroids and lessen the heaviness, I still have to deal with overlapping overnight pads to protect from accidents. Most days of my cycle I look like I’m wearing a pamper. It’s annoying. At 44, this ain’t it.

Though bestie raved about her experience with Thinx, I was still skeptical. She gifted me two pairs to test for myself. I selected a nice style, in the proper size, with the strongest possible coverage for heavy cycles. I received them a few days later and was so excited to wear them. On the second day of my cycle, I decided to go all in. I was off from work and preparing for an event that would be happening two days later. This was the perfect opportunity to determine if I could wear these for the special day. I walked around the house in a pair for roughly ten minutes just see how it felt. I dressed and left the house to run errands. An hour-and-a-half later, disaster was narrowly missed. I won’t give you the gory details, but I barely made it home without ruining the seat of my car. However, I am glad I gave them a try. While it wasn’t smart to leave the house on the first run, I now know the limits of using these panties for my particular needs.

Things I liked:

The panties look great on. I would even dare to say the style I selected is sexy. The are cut true-to-size and fit perfectly.

Things I didn’t like:

First, I hate pads because you can feel the moisture no matter what kind of magic they promise keeps you dry. Thinx feels the same way. Second, the actual absorbent coverage did not come up high enough in the front or back. People with normal flows probably won’t experience this as an issue. Third, once the absorbent material is full, the liquid will come through the outside of the panty. That is problematic. Lastly, you have to rinse them first in the sink before putting them in the washing machine if you want to avoid washing your other garments in that. You also cannot use fabric softener on them or put them in the dryer.

My verdict:

Thinx does offer a 60-day money back guarantee; however, I think I will keep the two pairs I have. I probably won’t purchase additional items, but I will continue to use them for my lightest days or nights. If you don’t have a heavy flow, these may work well for you. My bestie can wear a pair for a full day. Lucky her. If you try them, my only advice… WEAR THEM AT HOME for a full run before going out in public.

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