October 1, 2023

Arielle Miller says it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity when she was arrested and charged with a felony for theft. She believes that someone made an egregious error and she hopes with your help, it’s fixed.

She says they took the surveillance picture that you see above and compared it to a Facebook picture to make the arrest.

She tells us she had never been in the store in question, but that didn’t matter. She spent a night in jail before being bailed out to return home to her then-boyfriend and their kids.

She says she did not commit the charge that she was accused of and the charges were later dismissed. However, the arrest remains on her record and with this felony arrest on her record, it is so hard to get approved for housing for her and her three kids. She lost her job, family, and so much more due to this arrest. After countless hours in therapy, she’s rebuilding her life the best she knows how.

She is asking that you tag Target under her post on social media and ours or DM them this link. She doesn’t believe that Target is the problem; she’s just having trouble getting to the right people to get the answers and restitution she feels that she deserves.

She’s not raising money right now, just raising her voice to stand up for help and others who feel like they’ve been profiled. This type of profiling causes irreparable harm to many every day.

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