September 24, 2023

Trigger Warning. This video contains images that will be tough to witness for some viewers. He told them He couldn’t breathe. This encounter was truly avoidable and unnecessary. It all began when Muhammad Muhaymin, Jr. wanted to use a community bathroom. Muhaymin has a service dog that is always with him and the security guard was refusing to let Muhaymin into the restroom. Muhaymin was calm and clear the entire time as he expressed his desire to use the restroom.

Muhaymin’s Sister Chiquita holds a photograph of her brother. Photo courtesy of David Wallace for The Republic.

The police subsequently came – placed a knee on Muhaymin’s neck much like George Floyd’s and after handling him like this for minutes he told the officers he couldn’t breathe. They continued until he was lifeless. An independent autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was infact asphyixation caused by the officers actions. In spite of this none of the officers were charged with the killing of Mr. Muhammad.

This incident occurred in 2017 but the new camera angels just became available due to Freedom of Information Requests. This video contains 2 angles from multiple officers body cams.

Muhaymin was a human being. Surrounded by at least 4 police officers that all ignored his cries as he yelled out I can’t breathe, he was ignored until there was no more life left in his body. The video is incredibly difficult to watch. His sister remembers him as a prankster, a fun loving person, a protective brother and a martial artist. Our hearts are with his family. Muhammad deserves Justice.

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